The Presidential Voting

The state of Florida experienced a number of complications during the presidential voting of the 7th November, 2000. The Poll was marked by a number of irregularities which led to the recount of votes. Nevertheless, the Republican Party candidate George W. Bush emerged as the winner after the Supreme Court discontinued the recount process. Punch ballot (butterfly ballot) was applied in Palm Beach County which gave the Reform Party candidate Buchanan an upper hand. This was due to the confusion on the side of voters who had mismarked the votes cast for Al Gore.

Several measures were put in place during the 2004 election to avoid a repeat of the 2000 predicament. The incumbent President Bush still won in Florida by a margin of 5% over his competitor John Kerry. Provisional voting was used where voters whose names were missing in the voters’ register cast their votes in sealed envelopes. The votes would only be considered valid if such names are confirmed to be registered. Absentee ballot was also applied to enable the disabled and people unable to access the polling stations cast their votes.

Exit poll enabled voters to cast their votes even after the voting hours had been reached. However, the touch screen voting gave Bush 260,000 more votes according to the research done by the University of California graduates and lecturers. The 2008 voting in Florida resolved mainly to the use of paper ballots and optical scanners. Barrack Obama defeated John McCain during this landmark and historic poll. The paper ballot system still led to the rejection of twice as many ballots as those rejected in the year 2004. Many people were however satisfied with the transparency exercised during the 2008 poll.

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