The US Presidential Nomination Process


A presidential nomination process refers to the practice of selecting a suitable candidate to run for a presidential seat. In the United States, the process of nominating a suitable candidate is always a vital step before the final elections. It helps in the identification of quality candidates who would eventually manage the affairs of the country. The current US presidential nominations could be critiqued from different perspectives depending on one’s point of view.

The US Presidential Nomination Process

The current US presidential nominations are conducted in selected sates leaving out some smaller states. Nominations are based on a few selected states that are used to indicate the general feeling of all citizens. With the selection of states, the nominations are only conducted in states that the election body feels would select the required candidate. This system ensures that the selected states are closely scrutinized in order to ensure that the process is fair because it represents the opinion of the entire country. The conduction of the process using a few states is an unfair process. A fair nomination would involve the selection of qualified candidate from the entire state instead of using the opinions of a few individuals. Therefore, the nomination of candidates based on a few states is an unfair process. Voters from all states should be accommodated in the nomination process in order to ensure that the entire exercise if fair and all-inclusive.

The current presidential nomination process involves the use of a closed system. This nomination process restricts citizens who are not allied to a party and do not participate in the entire process. Individuals are only supposed to vote for the nominations involving their parties and not those related to other parties. This is an unfair way of conducting the entire process. It would have been fair if the electorate were allowed to participate in all primaries without considering their affiliate parties. This ensures that the majority of voters select a suitable candidate.

I would alter the current process by ensuring that all states participate in the nominations. The participation of all states is highly esteemed as it means all citizens are given the chance to select a suitable candidate to run for the presidential seat. I would ensure that all states participate in the nominations so that the opinions of minority states are taken into consideration. All states would vote willingly in the final elections because they would be voting for a candidate of their own choice. In addition, I would alter the law that provides for closed primaries. I would ensure that voters from all parties participate in the nominations freely as they deem.

I would ensure that all states participate in the nominations in order to accommodate minority interests. The participation of states perceived as small would ensure that the nomination process is all-inclusive hence acceptable among most individuals. In addition, all states would voluntarily participate in the ultimate elections because they would be voting for an individual of their choice. Nominations from all states ensure that the most appropriate candidate to participate in the final elections is picked because of wider opinions from the whole country. Open nominations would be vital because they are an indicator of true democracy. With open nominations, non-partisan interests are put aside, and a suitable candidate is selected and this selection is based on true democracy because all citizens are allowed to participate despite their party affiliations.

In conclusion, nominations are vital in ensuring that a suitable candidate is picked to run for the presidency. Presidential nominations in the United States are meant to select candidates who would ultimately run for the presidency. The system used for nominations has come under immense criticism with individuals holding different opinions relating to it. Thus, the current system ought to be altered to promote efficiency.

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