Top America Secret

Until after the attack in 9th September 2001 a lot of people were not familiar with the Intelligence Community. With the subsequent terrorist attack, an investigation on the Intelligence community began with Priest and Arkin, who were Washington Post reporters and Jeffrey Richelson trying to establish the community’s structure and function in guaranteeing security intelligence.  With the findings, there is a need to launch whether the Intelligence community description to the public and find the middle ground based on the investigations.
    Indeed, with the findings by both the Washington Post reporters and Richelson there is a revelation of more information in relation to the Intelligence Community. With the description, of the number of agencies that exist, number of employees it employs, programs that exist, and money the Intelligence community spends a deep top-secret that is unraveled in a move towards the glare of publicity. Certainly, the detailed descriptions of the findings give a true picture of how the Intelligence community operates far away from the public eye.
    My main concern is the idea that the whole complex network involves the use of large amounts of money, and resources yet those who work under the Intelligence community cannot guarantee American’s of their own safety. Just as the defense secretary clearly comments that because the Intelligence community is a complex system, and as a result, there was no agency that could coordinate all the interagency and commercial activities.
    Without doubt, the articles have given a revelation of a top dark secret that had long been hidden from the public domain. With the exposures, the government should ensure measures are undertaken to control the agencies within the Intelligence community to offer security against its enemies in order to protect its citizens. The American government needs to come up with policies and regulations to control the inefficiencies within the Intelligence community in order to guarantee its citizens of a secure nation.

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