Unions in Election Campaigns

It is essential to understand what campaign contributors want from an election. A question may also be asked to know what these contributors get in exchange for their campaign contributions. There are several campaign contributors in these elections. However, they can be grouped into individuals, corporations and Unions. Professional individuals who contribute in election campaigns include doctors, lawyers, teachers, postal workers, auto dealers, brokers and certified public accountants (Fobes, 2006). Biggest contribution comes from corporations which are usually regulated by government decisions. These corporations include insurance companies, military defense contractors, banks, oil and pharmaceutical companies as well as telephone companies (Fobes, 2006).

Trade unions are also immense contributors in election campaigns. Their main purpose is to offset larger contributions made by their employers during elections (Fobes, 2006). Employers usually contribute to election campaigns to politicians who support their activities. Therefore, labor unions nowadays have achieved immense political influence than individual employers. The fact is, in any case against workers or trade unions; the outcome is likely to favor trade unions as compared to individual employers (Fobes, 2006). Politicians also look at the numbers before implementing their stands. Trade unions have the majority of voters as compared to individual employers or professionals who contribute to elections. Most professionals and corporations that contribute to election campaigns usually involve in business activities that are perceived by individuals as unfair deals. For instance, taxes for some corporations can be reduced or eliminated thereby increasing their profits. In other companies that are awarded government contracts and subsidies, they end up supplying goods at extremely higher prices. This ends up hurting citizens who are tax payers.

Therefore, among all contributors to election campaigns, it is likely that trade unions would gain more than any individual or corporation. This is because trade unions have issues that directly help employees, who are the majority voters in any elections. Trade unions’ contribution has moved a step ahead by involving individual employees in campaigns. For instance, in the just concluded 2012 elections, workers were seen campaigning for Obama in Ohio. They do so expecting

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