US Army Environment

The functions of US army is to provide protection by use of ground troops, artillery, armor, nuclear weapons and attack helicopter among others. Ali Al Salem is a base in Kuwait where more than 1500 US army operates from. The main purpose of this base is to counter the threat faced by USA from lack of peace and order and militia operation in various nations in Middle East. More than 80% of them operate land machinery with special skills in rescuing processes and constructions. The rest operate helicopters among other aerial devices. Apart from salary incentives, there are other policies that can help improve their working conditions, however, subject to coincidence with the perception of the US government (MacKenzie, 2008).

Alternative Work Schedules

Among what the army personnel need for a conducive environment is alternative work schedule. Where the activities being undertaken are flexible, the officers would perceive high utility. The increase of women officers would make any other officer advocate for alternative activities that would suit different gender in different period of their lives e.g. early stages pregnancies. Flexibilities of activities may provide a change that is necessary to prevent boredom. Rather than continuous training by the officers, they can as well engage in charity work that would give similar skills and body fitness (Rubin et. al, 1988).

For the government, however, this is not something that they would advocate for. It would advocate for division and specialization of labor. The sensitivity of the army’s activities requires that, the officers to maintain focus on the core activity without compromising it under any circumstances.


Army officer may advocate for a transfer policy that is lenient to consider their diverse need. This may be due to harsh environment or relocation of one’s family. A major challenge when looking for transfer is lack of offers in common wealth nations where transfers are allowed. For that reason, the officers may advocate for policies that allow free transfers. The government may support such policy. This is because; it would reduce the shunning effect by people from joining US army and as well attracting officers from any country.

Restriction of Overtime

Any officer would support a no overtime policy as long as there is no sizeable compensation for it. This is because; the officers also require time for their personal life and resting. The government however, would require the demand of officers in the working place to be unconditional and would ensure a policy that allows it to call the officers at any time to attend to situations.

Annual leave

According to the labor laws, every employee is entitled to a paid annul leave. Army officer would advocate for a flexible schedule that considers the timeliness of their personal activities so as to optimize on their opportunities. They would wish for a fixed leave schedule so as to plan their activities accordingly (Forster, 2007). The government on the other side would opt for a flexible schedule so as to provide leave when security environment allows.   

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