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Libya is a country positioned in the northern Africa in Maghreb area. It is neighbored by, the Mediterranean Sea, Sudan, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Tunisia, and Angola. It is the 17th largest country in the world and being the fourth in Africa. Her soil covers 700,000 sq mi of the African land. This country is also endowed with great resources since it has been ranked as the 10th country to have oil reserves. And due to this it contributes to 17% of the petroleum products used in the world. Today it is ruled by Gaddafi who has a history of joining other anti-westernization and liberalization individuals in Africa (Vandewalle, 1998).

During the era of Gaddafi, Libya has not had a positive relationship with the western countries like United States of America. Gaddafi is an African leader who has been viewed in a different perspective by various people. He had several accusations on crimes against humanity. Today the situation in Libya can be judged in various ways. May cruelties are being carried out in Libya; this has made the US to intervene. US intervention is Libya can judge as moral or otherwise. To me, American intervention in Libya is a matter of morality and national interest.

Libya government is majorly supported by oil production and sale. Its political organization is a hypothesis that is founded on the political values in Gaddafi's Green Book. It combines communists and Islamic presumption and rejects parliamentary democratic system and political parties. In essence, Gaddafi exercises full control of all the decisions that are made in the government. For a period of the seven years after the revolt, the Revolutionary Command Council, which included Colonel Gaddafi and twelve fellow army officers, stated an absolute overhaul of Libya's political system, society, and financial system. In 1973, Gaddafi declared the beginning of a "cultural revolution" in industries, businesses, schools, and public organizations in order to control administration of those institutes in the interest of the public. On March 2, 1977, Gaddafi assembled a General People's Congress to declare the institution of "people's power," change the country's name to the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and to vest, hypothetically, primary power in the GPC.

Morgenthau, in his book The Struggle for Power and Peace, clearly outlines various rules of morality that we can use to justify or oppose the action of the United States in Libya. According to him, political actions are driven by the nature of humans. For United States to intervene into the Libya actions it must have had to interact with the people of Libya and understand the law that governs them. America, has its country representative in Libya, therefore it is conversant with the laws of Libya. United States went to Libya as reinforcement to the Libyan people who were against the tyrant’s rule (Morgenthau, 1985). 

Realism, believing as it does in the objectivity of the laws of politics, must also believe in the possibility of developing a rational theory that reflects, however imperfectly and one-sidedly, these objective laws. It believes also, then, in the possibility of distinguishing in politics between truth and opinion-between what is true objectively and rationally, supported by evidence and illuminated by reason, and what is only a subjective judgment, divorced from the facts as they are and informed by prejudice and wishful thinking. Morgenthau’s realism people can judge what other people are by studying their past deeds.  United States joined the Libyan rebels because to them Gaddafi was capable of doing more bad things judging him from his past actions.

United States is known to be the superpower, and according to Morgenthau, the power is a core bridge to understanding international politics and the facts in question. Clearly, United States might be interested in some African resources in Libya and due to the fact that they have the power, they can intervene in Libya politics. Libya being a greatest producer of petroleum products can hurt many peoples and among them being the America citizens if instabilities occur. During the time that Libya became politically unstable, price of petroleum produces rose with over 10% which consequently caused the cost of living to go up. United States could have intervened in order to try and stabilize the economy of Libya due to such interests. Here, we assume that united state acted because they were the only state that could have power to fight with Libya. Actually, the whole world just watched, listened to Gaddafi’s threats. United States was among the observers, and as per Morgenthau, the observers understands more that the figure in question.

Morgenthau’s political realism appreciates both the moral importance of any political action and the difference between moral commands and what is required to perform any political action. The question of moral political action must be judged in reference to time and place (Williams, 2008). A moral political action can not exist without the parties in question considering the outcome. By US attacking Libya might not be in a moral scope but Libya mistreated its people, to the extent of killing them. If US were to judge Gaddafi and his followers, they would come up with so many reasons of their actions.

Power is the only thing that can save the universe from morality overload and political madness. It would not make sense if the world viewed Libya as an individual entity which has the freedom to pursue its interests. It is moral to judge other people as we would judge ourselves. It is evident that ideologically, it was morally right to attack Libya and force them stop the attacks on innocent citizens.

According to Obama, Libya’s president is an oppressor/ dictator. He has been in the fore front to deny people their freedom, stolen other people’s properties, and killed innocent people across the globe. To America, they believe that they are the support of the global security. America has also been on the fore front to fight those who violate the rights of other people. They believe that they have a responsibility protect all people in the world irrespective of their citizenship or location. US according to Obama, was involved in the fight when trying to rescue its people during the attacks in Libya, which is morally correct(UNITED-NATIONS, 2011).

Gaddafi was such a cruel leader who cared less about the plight of other people. After US froze the bank accounts of gaddafi, he raised his attacks by killing his own people, the people who had always supported and respected him as their president, He ordered attacks to hospitals, villages. The most intriguing thing is that he ordered Libya journalists to be killed, arrested and even sexually harassed. He shut off the food, water and fuel supply in the whole city of Misurata.  Gaddafi doesn’t even seen to even respect God, how can one fight people who aren’t fighting him? Why would he go about destroying the mosques?

The world was prepared to force Gaddafi to stop killing and taking the lives of innocent citizens. European Union vowed to use what ever means in order to halt the fighting that was going on. Gaddafi never listened to the international community. After they instructed his to stop these killings, he went ahead and compared his people to rats. He publicly declared that he will never ever show mercy to the people of his kind. The worst part of his statement was that he would inflict his punishment by performing door to door killings. If the United States did not intervene, this could have surely happened.

According to NATO Deputy Spokesperson Carmen Romero, United States can not stop the fighting in Libya alone, it has to work with the United Nations. NATO is really determined to deliver a solution to the attacks and the threats to citizens to be attacked by the Gaddafi troops. They have vowed that they will leave Libya until all the attacks came to a halt, the Libya government orders its troops back to the base, and when the Libya citizens have been have been given the freedom they deserve.  To defend their actions, NATO was just the men in the ground but essentially, their powers were coming from the foreign ministers who had a conference then in Berlin. NATO main intention in Libya as per their secretary is to see freedom back in Libya, just like any country in the world.

Ms Samantha power always criticized the American for not putting more effort to curb the killing that was going on in Libya.  Ms Power always was absorbed into the committee after revealing what was going on in Rwanda. In her attempt to awaken the America government to fight hard to remove the tyrant from power, she was working with Hillary Clinton to pushing for authorization of military force in order to stop the attacks on the people of Libya.

Even though the attack to Libya can be justified, there are also some grounds that we can oppose and question the US intervention in Libya.  The United States secretary of defense, Robert Gates, is one of those US officials that were against the attack. He advised the American forces to be careful with their plans to hit Libya using the air power. In his speech, he pointed out that there exist a big gap between the interests of the Obama and the Libya rebels.  He pointed out that the rebels in Libya did not want America to use airpower since it would bring problems with other Middle East countries who hates America.

Among him was John Kerry who argued that there are more tactics other than declaring a no fly zone that would help the people of Libya. All other leaders advocated for a no fly zone to be imposed as this would ensure that the Gaddafi air force would not be able to bomb from the air. According to Gates, pointed out that if a no fly zone was imposed, many American armies on the ground would be shot since there would be no air support to them.

According to the behavior of the rebels in Libya, they were looking for greater help than just a mere declaration of a no fly zone. They wanted the United States air force to destroy any machinery that was being used by the Gaddafi troops to harm innocent civilians. This shows that these rebels were willing to bring Gaddafi down no matter what.  By helping to get rid of Gaddafi, some people would view this as a way of America becoming a manager of other countries.  To Gates and many other officials of the United States congress, freezing of Gaddafi’s bank, imposing travel bans, calling for resigning of Gaddafi will not in any way change how Libya is.

Gates advised NATO that they have to plan the no fly zone well since it might become a golden chance for Gaddafi to use all his ground fighting techniques. They were also supposed to plan well, given the size of Libya. America was also met by problems trying to ask support from china that showed reluctance owing that they would only interfere with another country internal operations unless there is an adequate proof of mass killing of the citizens by use of air tactics(white, 2011).

Going by the Morgenthau’s rules of morality US has the power to protect its citizens, and any other life in the world. Since they have the power, they are in a position to judge other countries like they should also be judged.  By judging Libya and Gaddafi, they had the best moral intentions of rescuing the lives of the citizens. Gaddafi was a killer, dictator and every bad kind of a leader one could think of. He could not respect even his God, as we see that he even ordered the destruction of the mosques. It would not be morally right for America, knowing it can save such people from death.

Libya as an independent state, had all the moral rights not to be attacked by the United States and to perform its internal operations secretly, but going by the fact that moral rights differs with place and time, there is no way that gaddafi would even attack the US citizens residing in Libya and expect that America would not act against him. Gaddafi was a dictator, a tyranny, and at that moment he worked for his only good. His intentions were just to hurt innocent citizens. This made his moral rights to be ignored; the greater majority was the concern of the international eyes.

According to the statement made by Obama, he outlined that United States has a role to provide: intelligence support, logistical support, rescue support, and had power to jam government relations. And this is all they did in Libya, there is no one time there has been said that America attacked Libya for other interests other than national interest. It may have done so in order for it to remain in power of which has been of a much greater good to the society. In conclusion, the United States intervention in Libya crisis has more benefits since, they saved many lives than the people they killed during the attack, and their interest was for national good, by supporting the Libya’s rebels.

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