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Effects of Human Trafficking on Globalization

International migration and a thriving market in migrant trafficking pose threats to security in the Asia Pacific regio... Details

Freedom Child

It has been argued that the confusion of African American child rearing techniques with abuse is at least partially res... Details

Government, Minorities, Women: Contract Labor Economics

Contract Labor Economics Relations encompasses all dealings, transactions, and activities affecting the determination a... Details

Migration, Nation, Narration in a Transnational Age

Migration has always been a part of human life. Whether we consider ourselves the descendants of different cultures tha... Details

Social Equality an Individual Freedom

There are two basic questions about equality: Why equality? and, ?quality in what?. Analogously, the questions about fr... Details

Influence of the Social Climate in the United States

In order to outline the key question of the essay- the way the social climate of US in 1960-s has influenced the way in... Details