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Sexual Harassment Policies do not Favor Women

Sexual harassment is a common social issue across many societies of the world. It is a form of sexual harassment. By leg... Details

Origins of Sociology

      The emergence of sociology as a society’s positivist science resulted from the thought of enl... Details

Aspects of Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

The functionalist perspective of sociology takes the society as a living thing where by each and every part of it contri... Details

Middle Class

      Social classes have been in existence since time in memorial. The lower, middle and upper social cl... Details

Women in the Media

Amy Wilkins’ 2004 study of sexuality and gender in the Goth scene is in part an examination of how a subculture ca... Details

The Study of Women and Gender in Economics

Issues of women and gender have recently been incorporated in the field of economics in a bid to tackle inequality. From... Details