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Legalization of Marijuana

According to Randal and O 'leary (1998), marijuana, or cannabis sativa is a plant that contains more than four hundred c... Details

Intersecting Identities: Sexuality and Disability

      Social identities are formed from a person’s attraction and desire for individuals of a given... Details

The Sociological Imagination

Sociology can be defined as effort to comprehend and clarify the way that certain individuals or groups interrelate with... Details

Online Friends

Social development of today’s adolescents depends a great deal upon online friends and traditional friends.  ... Details

Obesity in America

Obesity cases are greater than before, due to fundamental social and economic issues. This has been seen both globally a... Details

Motives of Socially Responsible Business

There is a debate about the level of social responsibility of multinational and national companies there days. Various b... Details