A Leader

Leadership is a very important virtue for someone to have. A leader has to use the resources’ of other people in order to meet a certain and often set goal. It is thus important that the leader be of good integrity and have an eye for details. If one put ten people in a room to accomplish a certain task, it would be chaos as each one tries to outdo the other. Once one of the ten people is appointed the leader, then some order will be defined and the set goal for the group will be met in the shortest time. A leader therefore gives direction to the team.

Leaders manage more than just the time for a set group. It is important for the leader of a group to know each and every one of the people in his team and also understand their individual strengths and weaknesses. This is important when it comes to the distribution of duties, tasks and other roles in the team. A team cannot function to its best ability without the leadership of a team leader who often than not gives guidelines on how an issue is to be approached. Knowing the individual strengths of the team members will lay a good platform for the team leader to divide and share out the different tasks to be accomplished. The team leader therefore has to be good in analyzing the team members and getting the best out of each team member in the task at hand.

Time management is of essence in every situation. There is a set time to do every sort of work and in most cases there are strict set deadlines to accomplish various tasks. A leader is supposed to know the quantity of work at hand for his team and the time given. It is the responsibility of the leader to divide the work among his team members to ensure that he gets all the work done within the given time frame. A leader is the person in the team with the responsibility of checking on the allocated work to see if the team is still working within the given deadline. People can work on a certain task but submit it when it is well past its deadline making it irrelevant thus the need to work within a time frame. It is also the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that he allocates enough work to individual team members without overloading them. When someone is gives a good amount of work to do within an adequate time frame, then the quality of the work he will produce in the end will be of high quality. Giving team members a lot of work will make them overworked and they would not work well when they are over burdened. The quality of the results will be lower in groups that are over burdened with work.

When work is divided between individual workers, a work plan is developed by the team leader. This is what guides the team in the development of the tasks at hand. A work plan is important to the team since it is the guide as to when a particular job has to be done. A work plan shows the various stages of a particular task and the development stages necessary to have it all done. Meetings are often held during the various stages to assess whether the work is being performed as expected.

A leader is nothing without his team. As such it is paramount that a leader chooses his team wisely for the task at hand. A leader will then be able to share out the work to the team members depending on their strengths and issue the time limit for the task. Constant updating on the progress will enable the leader to make any changes as the work is done. In the end a good leader will be able to guide his team into accomplishing all the set tasks within the given deadlines.

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