Adolescence is that defining stage in human development during which both physical and mental attributes are acquired. It starts at puberty and extends till about the age of nineteen. Adolescence is the growing up stage during which rapid progress is made in human development. This development is brought about by the action of hormones secreted by the ovaries in females and the testes in males.

The major event during adolescence is the search for identity. According to the wordweb dictionary, identity is “The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity”.

In acquiring physical attributes, the adolescent also becomes engrossed with redefining that physical attribute to match the accepted standards in the society. Acne is one good example of this search for identity. Adolescence go through a lot of emotional pain in the quest to be free of acne. Their identity search is that of an acne free face. Despite the fact that acne is a result of their present level of development, they refuse to accept it and would rather do without it.

The other supporting evidence is their quest to win the opposite sex. In doing so, they aim to acquire the expected nature of their gender. A man is expected to have a woman of his own while a woman is also expected to have a man of her own. The search for this particular identity is sometimes misplaced for love or infatuation. I call it confusion. The adolescent only becomes free of this confusion overtime.

What is adolescence? Simply defined, it is the stage between puberty and age nineteen when the human goes on the quest to find his or her identity.

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