African American Culture

There are ongoing issues and debates about racism and discrimination. However, these debates lack a clear understanding of the facts about race superiority and discrimination it is common for many authors to debate about the facts concerning the acts of disgrace that is mostly evident in America and most part of the world. The issues here are that people from different races as compared to the whites a lot of injustices. The whites consider themselves as powerful and end up having many opportunities irrespective of whether or not they are qualified. It is true that discrimination is part of the society, and it needs to be addressed. Some of the reasons to back up the debate are analyzed in the following paragraphs, in the paper.

A close study in the last decade indicates that the white privilege has been consistently rising to the extent of being a white automatically guarantees one particular privileges. Cornel West has some ideas about the new cultural politics with difference’ which have to be adopted. He gives light on what the present moment is, and the present genealogy that is quit insightful.

Cornel first talks of the European culture. According to him, there is the need to neutralize its superiority so that the American culture can be felt to some extent. The European culture is mostly  based on anarchy thus making them look down upon other cultures. Secondly there is a focus on the issue of America becoming both the world super power and the centre for the global, cultural production and circulation. The last focus the Cornel West talks about is the delocalization, in terms of the sensibilities in the third world. This is directly linked with the civil rights and the struggles among the blacks on the delocalization of the minds.

The first issue to be tackled is the shifts in culture. The European culture tends to make people believe in the notion that their culture is the best and is the one that has to be adopted by everyone. This follows in reason with the view of the color mixture in the US hence regarding the US culture as that one attributed to the black traditions. It goes to the extent of key positions in the joint government meetings whereby anyone from a different race is not likely to get into advantageous positions since the white majority never votes for other races to occupy senior positions. Most people talk of the need to eliminate the racism trend in the world. However, the whites sometimes promote racism unconsciously asa result of old habits. This is to the extent whereby brilliant leaders get sidelined because of their race and instead their positions taken by the white leaders who are incapable to perform the duties.

The next analysis shifts to the issue of globalization. In this case, it can be granted as the need or urge to mean everything. Cornel West in his article hates the term the global postmodernism. This makes it literally that everyone get entitled to his or her own personal views, but in reality, the views of the black race are continued to be looked down upon. It can be traced back to the ancient days when the first constitution got drawn and specified that no race should be discriminated. From constitution point of view, this is an indication that racism has been existent for a long time ago. The writers of the first constitution already knew about some races experiencing discrimination, and this is an indication that discrimination nad racism are trends that have been growing continually in the society.

Some of the key causes of racism arise from the common phrases that children hear from their parents. Nobody is born a racist, so children learn to discriminate from their parents or guardians. The process begins with the belief that the white should also respect the blacks’ which to extent carries racism element. Then follows the issue of schools where the children get subdivided among their respective races. Globalization, therefore, losses its real meaning when it comes to this extent and thus rendering one culture more dominant than the others. This affects the possibility of shift in cultures hence leaving the minority groups in the hands of the popular cultural fields. Postmodernism issues do go hand in hand with the sexual differences, the racial differences, the cultural differences and mostly above all the ethnic differences. Statistics reveal that most rape victims are black women because they are most vulnerable. However, when it comes to job opportunities, the black women are least considered irrespective of their qualifications. Global postmodernism is useless when the key issues are taken for granted. Cornell West emphasizes in his material that the European culture has a blind eye on the many injustices and the hostilities that occur towards the ethnic differences. According to (Michele Wallace, 1990) Modernism, Postmodernism, and the problem of the Afro-American culture are all issues of continued silence and thus chances of solving the problems immediately are minimal.

Cultural struggles are trends that seem to be endless in the society. Nowadays, culture adoption is never about pure victory rather it is all about the majority. When the majority says this, no matter how wrong the culture is, the rest have to follow without asking questions. No justice can be provided to the unprivileged since even the judicial system is held by the same people with racism trends.

Stewart Hall in his description of the ‘black’, talks about people gets reduced to rations. He states that the superior citizens on realizing the effect of continuous shipment of the people to the American land in terms of slavery could post a serious challenge to the real owners of the land. This led to the point where regulations got maximized with the aim of raising taxes on the number slaves shipped to the country; this resulted in blacks being referred in terms of rations, such as, the fifth ration. According to the author, referring people in terms of rations promotes the facts about racism and thus should be discouraged at all means.

The other main focus by Stewart Hall in his views is the basics concerning the privileges. The issue of the whites being entitled to certain privileges automatically is the key aspect that continuous to add weight on the effects of racism. He argues that the issue of the white supremacy should be taken seriously in order to reduce the white domination and hence promote equality. Most of this white supremacy happens by virtue of their skin color of the skin, the hair texture, nose shape, culture and language. All these multiply the privileges that one gets entitled to especially the whites.

On the summative comments during the 1998 American Educational Research Association Panel, James Scheurich described, being white as a kin  walking with money put in your pockets without your knowledge.’ From this statement, it can be concluded that the privileges that the white race receive are not pre meditated, but they just get them by circumstances. This can be compared as a child born with a silver spoon in the mouth. This triggers the question that puts the money in the white man’s pocket? The answer is straightforward; it is still the minority groups especially the blacks. The oppression that the black race are subjected to, and have lived with since the beginning makes them feel inferior. They thus carry on believing and accepting that they are inferior. The author goes ahead to hint how this perspective is dangerous to the country and the world in general. This effect of thinking makes a redundant leadership where only one race makes decisions, even if the decisions are blind ones.

McIntosh, 1992, at the workshop conference also confessed to her coming into terms with her skin advantage. She acknowledges that to some extent, racism has developed her current character, since she is a white skin lady. This is an   indication that  the white race themselves do know of the wrong positions they hold by the facts of racism, and cultural selectiveness and yet little is  done to help curb the problem in the near future. It is, however, an issue that needs to be handled urgently.

There are various consequences to racism and race superiority. There is a significant chance of forced leadership on the people. The next issue is that of hatred where the ethnic groups are busy hating each other.  In addition, this leadership divides  people according to the races, in addition, it  goes beyond the borders of dividing people among the job groups. Internal enmity takes the grounds, and unnecessary competitions do rise, as a result. This leads to the slow growth of the countries’ economy in general.

(Lipsitz, 1998) stated that many blacks and Latinos do live in the poverty stricken neighborhoods, with high levels of pollution. As a result, they get infections and diseases related to the rampant forms of environmental racism’. From this statement, it is clear that the white majority are the rich, hence can be rarely found living in such poor conditions. It goes a head to explain why the white race was the one involved in colonizing other races since they had the money and hence the power over other races. It thus makes the minority hard to gain power since the rich can buy their way to the powerful seats in the government.

The next issue on focus is the rise of American to a superpower. Stauart Hall describes this growth as tremendous. According to history, many Africans were shipped to America to become slaves and work in the white plantations, hence the origin of African-Americans. Sensitization came in and soon the slaves became part of the United States hence constituting this state as a mixture of both the white and blacks. Intermarriages have soon occurred, and the whole continent is a united one. These intermarriages, as opposed to other white states, show the US as the first continent of its kind that people are extremely sensitized. The issue of superpower comes with brilliant leadership, with wisdom full of taking the continent from one level to the other. This is also evident in the recent win of the black president to rule such a powerful state, hence demonstrating that leadership and wisdom is not only of a racial thing, but God given, hence making we all equal before God.

There are many advantages to living in a world free of racism. This makes the debate more engrossing and in support of cross culture and cultural diversity with less racism. One key advantage is the growth of a nation in terms of development issues. When racism is eliminated, corruption and unemployment will reduce or cease entirely. This is evident whereby (McIntosh, 1992) described that according to the history, the police were trained to harass and arrest the people with black origin since they were the most likely criminals. Instead, justice should be followed to the latter and real culprits of wrong doings arrested, and face respective charges in court.


From the close analysis of the two main sources used, it is evident that racism is a setback to the growth and development of the world activities. The topic is thus significant to help sensitize the people on the benefits they are bound to only if they treat each other equally without discrimination on ethnicity and race. Racism is thus an evil vice should be eliminated and forgotten in the society. Those found practicing that the act should be punished, and hefty fines pressed upon them. This is the only way to achieve the zero tolerance to the racism issues in the world.

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