Alcoholism among the Youth

Alcoholism among the youth is a major issue in the current societies. This paper will seek to explain the various causes, effects and remedies to the problem. The thesis statement of the paper says that although it is against the law persons under 21 years to drink in America, individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 still engage in a lot of drinking. This fact is supported by a number of data in the paper which include the researches carried out on the same issue over the recent times. Drinking among the youth is a major concern to the wider community in terms of dealing with it in a very amicable manner.  The media is the main contributing factor towards the increase in the underage drinking in the American society. Indeed this age bracket is slowly getting down with cases of serious addicts revealed with children at the tender age of 11 years. This menace comes with a series of consequences which could include cases like school absenteeism, sexual harassment and most importantly a criminal behaviour in some of the victims especially the male addicts. The drinking among the youth can be prevented through the involvement of several stakeholders behind the growth and development of a child. These would include individuals like teachers, parents, religious groups, relatives, guardians, and principals among others. Tough rules should also be put in place by the government and other lobby groups to prevent or even raise the drinking to some responsible age in life. Advertisements relating some important life activities to alcohol should also be banned in the media. The community based workers should be well trained in order to deal with the deep issues relating to alcohol addiction among the youth depending on the situation and the locality therein.

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