Apple and Child Labor

Apple a firm globally renowned for supremacy in electronic including phones and computers is the organization involved with child labor. This implies that the organization together with its suppliers are the parties involved in the article due to child labor allegations, which have been confirmed to be true through recent audits. The moral issue is the exploitation of child labor in the production of the firm’s products, which hinders the child’s abilities to progress (Garside). Additionally, exploiting child labor implies lower wages and overworking due to the child’s inability to complain.

However, the suppliers profited from child exploitation and other activities including cutting wages to reimburse recruitment agencies involved in the provision of child labor to the suppliers (Garside). The moves taken by the suppliers were unfair as children were taken from the education system through their parents’ consent and introduce into hard work at the suppliers warehouses. This means that the child’s rights were infringed on especially through hard labor, poor wages and overall mistreatment from the suppliers. The values on the payroll were doctored in order to escape discovery from the auditors bringing considerable discrepancies in the values.

The matter of child labor is a moral issue since child labor is overruled in the child’s rights provisions, as well as other rights that pertain to human treatment. The matter is wrong since the supplier exploits the poor economic status of a particular region and population in obtaining cheap labor and gain additional returns in profits. Child labor prevents personal advancement of children by removing them from their immediate environment for instance school, and exposing to undesirable activities that retards their mental and physical growth.  In my opinion, children discovered to be working for the Apple suppliers ought to be returned to their immediate families after which the suppliers are supposed to become accountable to their actions through provision of educational support, and remunerations for the work done within their premises including equal wages as those awarded to the mature workers. Apple as a global firm should withdraw support for suppliers involved in the scandal to prevent destruction of its global image and guarantee that the children involved are reimbursed.

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