Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide is medical term used to describe the action of terminating an individual’s life voluntarily. Physicians use prescribed drugs and equipments in undertaking this act. This procedure has attracted numerous legal and religious controversies, as most people do not understand the need for assisted suicide. Different countries have varying legal terms regarding this act, and depending on the region, it may be lawful or unlawful. In the U.S, suicide is not taken as a crime although the act of assisting in crime is still under heated debate. Recently, in Norway a law has been passed to allow this assisted suicide. However, in my opinion, a person who assists another individual to terminate his or her own life is simply helping the dying person to relive afflicting pain.

The proponents of assisted suicide strongly suggest that all human beings should be given the choice and control to end their lives. They strongly oppose government’s laws limiting individual’s choices concerning their lives and continuously contest the dreadful impacts of life supporting machines. With the exception of physicians, most of these activists have seen their relatives placed under life supporting machines and in this regard experienced financial and emotional sufferings. Individuals place under the life supporting machines incur tremendous costs that their families have to pay to support them through their life enhancing medication.

The current health care organizations have allowed individuals to avoid unnecessary pain in the final stages of their lives. These pains and sorrows can avoidable by undergoing the assisted suicide. Most of the end-life sufferings are experienced even under the best. In this regard, assisted suicide ought to be legalized. Most terminally ill patients would like to hasten their death but their frail state leaves them incapable of terminating their lives. Therefore, once such individuals decide to terminate their lives, their decision should be respected, and they should be assisted in realizing their wish. 

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