Audience Analysis

For purposes of having a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market, new product innovation is needed. As a result, I have identified an auto pilot for cars which will be a service that will take control of people’s cars as soon as they enter the highway. The attitude of the audience is certainly very positive. With the rising need of convenience on the side of the consumers, positive results are anticipated. Having a clear picture of what the customer wants boosts the confidence that I just got the product that well satisfies their needs. My audience may have mixed reactions when making a choice between me and my competitors but it is something I am sure I will address to shift the attention to my new service.

While my audience is aware of the tiredness and eye strain for the long distance traveling, most of them do not actually know that there is a way they can relieve themselves from such pain and relax well. The only thing they know is that somebody needs to be prepared for the long journey and deal with the hardships as they come. However, their knowledge is not correct. What they do not know about the need is that, this service can effectively be used to guide their vehicles without their assistance. Customers are very excited when a service or product is offering a solution to them. Definitely, my audience will be very excited and motivated to make use of this service to avoid exhaustion on their journeys. There is no challenge in persuading my audience because they seem interested. The only challenge that could prevent my audience from using the product and/or service would be in an instance where the roads are not properly maintained and the fear in event the device fails which would be a rare occurrence if properly monitored and checked from time to time.

Well, my audience could see themselves in a lower socio-economic status and shy off from using the services of an auto pilot car system. However, issues of culture and personal values may not really affect this service. The most challenging issues could be gender, age, education and socio-economic factors. Male drivers would not be much of a problem compared to their female counterparts because of the daring nature of their soul touching on the psychological aspect of marketing my service. Similarly, younger and old drivers may express fears compared to the intermediary group on age matters. Therefore, a lot of promotion and good marketing procedures are required to get rid of these fears. Thus, over the weekends on a Saturday and more specifically during the Easter Holidays would be the most appropriate time to launch my business. The audience should expect a first class service from an auto pilot car system offering solutions for their long distance travels.     

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