Black Family

The twin crime of kidnapping and enslaving millions of African families was the foundation of this country. However, this undeniable and essential truth is constantly distorted, suppressed, excuses and even blurred over, but when admitted, it is often treated as ancient history. It is argued that between 9 and 13 million Africans were taken hostage, sold and then sent to America to become slaves.  The slavery era was a torturous period for most black families.

Firs of all, slaves had no freedom. They were compelled to do what their masters ordered them to do without question. Black families had to toil as slaves so as to develop the agriculture that formed the foundation of most European colonies. Secondly, mothers and their daughters were sexually abused by their white masters and beaten severely when they refused the sexual advances of these men. On the other hand, fathers were beaten and whipped by their masters to make them do manual work throughout the day. Children were not spared because they were forced into child labor and raised to do what the masters wanted them to do. As a result, slavery fueled the rise and foundation of capitalism in America. Although many people thought that the end of slavery would elevate the suffering and dehumanization of black people, the situation remained the same from slavery through the civil rights era.

In employment, black people still linger on the lowest rungs of the peck. Industries that used to employ black people have closed down. On the same note, studies indicate that employers are more likely to employ a white person than a black person. In housing, black families still face the highest levels of segregation. They are the ones who have been shunted into poor and neglected neighborhoods that lack hospitals, grocery stores and decent parks. In healthcare, black families in America experience high mortality rates because of poor or limited access to proper healthcare.  In education, many schools in America are more segregated than ever before. It goes without saying that black schools receive fewer resources as compared to other schools. Finally, black Americans form the biggest population in American prisons. It is asserted that the black population has increased tenfold since 1954.

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