Black Unemployment

Unemployment is when a person is willing and available to work but lacks an opportunity to work. Unemployment rate is defined by the percentage of people in the labor force who are not unemployed. According to the overall unemployment rate data released every year at least 5.6% of African Americans are unemployed. According to statistics, unemployment rate among Blacks is twice higher than that of whites. For example in June 2004, unemployment rate among blacks was 10.1% and for whites was 5%. African American employment rate has been going down over the years despite of them having competitive skills like other American races.

Causes of Black Unemployment

There are several causes of black unemployment that includes racism, discrimination and. African Americans community is often discriminated and they are often given low paying jobs compared to the jobs that are offered to whites. For instance, an African American may have the same educational level with  a White American, with the same educational level and experience but have different salaries. This is evidence that discrimination in work places have contributed to unemployment of blacks. In earlier years, wages of unskilled and inexperienced people in the labor force was determined by their demand and supply (Wilson, 1991). There were no labor associations, unions, and law on minimum wage hence jobs were easy to find regardless of which race one belonged. This was until 1931 when the first federal minimum wage law was passed, the Davis-Bacon Act. This act was meant to protect the white workers from competition that was posed by black workers. The unemployment rate difference among the blacks and whites have largely been as a result of discriminating minimum wage laws hence creating wage differences (Thomas 2005).

According to Nathan Glazer a strong anti-affirmative action social scientist, the cause of blacks’ unemployment is the assertion that blacks have being favored for a long time because of their color. He argues that United States should go back to its individualistic history of being color blind and the black to take a firm stand of his life. Laziness among blacks is also contributes to their predicament as the unemployment rate does not only come from racism and discrimination but from the different welfare attractions. Blacks hence become too lazy to work and instead focus on the welfare grants as an alternative. Many young black men have refused to work as their main focus is on the illicit attractions (Alphonso 1984 pg 198), (Farley, 1984 pg 235).

Solutions to Black Unemployment

There are several solutions to black unemployment first, change of minds and hearts. Our thoughts and perceptions carry a lot of weight and influence greatly our way of thinking and reasoning. This is an individual’s task. The white American Negro mind is a perception of an individual’s heart and mind because that is where the reasoning power and tension interracial originates. Racism will also be resolved when change of minds and hearts occurs as racial equality is important and is a psychological and moral problem as a result of tainted minds and hearts (Glazier, 1960).

Policies regulating the terms, conditions of work and acts on minimum wage such as the Davis-Bacon act on minimum wage which resulted to exploiting the black construction workers. According to Nathan, affirmative discrimination should also be dealt with by eliminating the timetables and racial quotas of the federal government’s rules on affirmative action as they seem to be undemocratic. Laziness should also be eliminated through encouraging the young American blacks to work instead of focusing on welfare grants as an alternative (Glazier, 1971).

The only solution to lack of proper experience, skills and knowledge is for the blacks Americans to put up a feisty competition in the job market, pursue better education and endow themselves with multi-skills to survive in any environment despite exposure to inflammatory conditions and exploitation (Glazier, 1960)


Black’s unemployment has become a problem and the only way to solve it is through by reversing Social evils such as discrimination, and racism but at individual levels laziness. This is only possible if Americans change their perceptions on regarding each other as the white community and the black community and live together as one nation. Unconstitutional federal government’s rules and actions which favor affirmative discrimination should also be eliminated or revised. A plausible solution to discrimination in terms of marriage between the whites and the blacks should be encouraged. They should treat each other as equally potential partners in a marriage relationship and intermarry. The whites should also share their wealth with the blacks to help them grow economically by avoiding discrimination and offer employment to any person who has the right skills, knowledge and experience (Allegretto, 2005).

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