Children's Lack of Respect for Parents

I am quite amazed and saddened to know that today, respect by children towards their parents have become something of no importance anymore. Many are times when we as parents let our children call the shorts because we want them to be ones to decide. We think they will hate us for being too hard on them. We tend to think they will be affected if we raise our voices on them and they will not perform or develop properly. Even when they cause scenes that are embarrassing in public places, we are afraid to confront them. It seems as if talking back, screaming, slamming doors, cursing, stamping feet, throwing themselves on the floor, starving  and other types of “behaving” have become the custom for children the society of today. Not many parents take their time and energy to bring up well-behaved children, and they will not have respect for other older people either including their teachers. In the world today, most children have no respect towards their elders, parents, and their age mates.

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It has become a tradition to the children the spoilt generation; to have their parents and other adults whose care they are under, meeting their demands. They therefore end up not being able to face the facts of life in future when they are all grown. There are many known causes for this problem, and think one of the main ones is the way bring up their children without good and tough rules and applying punishment where necessary. Giving the children a chance to control us as parents will definitely deteriorate discipline in that child. For instance, if we have not been around the kids for a while, we start feeling guilty and give in to their commands. We now let them have the authority over anything they want or ask for. We can also say, we end up buying our children’s love, by making them receive unnecessary gifts when they should not and failing to punish and let them recognize their wrong doing when they are actually wrong.

I also believe that if there is a problem between parents and separation occurs, it is very important for both parents to take responsibility over there children despite not staying together. Both parents must be familiar with their children as they are of supreme importance. This is because efforts from both parents are needed to make sure the kids are always doing the write things. Constant absence of parents will lead the children into peer groups, as they will always need someone to be there. From such groups they will adopt all kinds of behaviors and habits. Teachers and other older people cannot easily take over until, after parents have played the important part in taking the greater responsibility.

Another reason that I think has contributed to the children lacking respect, is changes in law. In most places around the world, adults have been given warnings not use punishment method such as canning and beating up indiscipline children, I believe there should be policies in our society to put children where they should be. There is a total presumption in both the law and the policy, that is known better by older people, that kids are not in the wrong unless on special grounds.

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In short, most children have no respect towards their elders, their parents, and their age mates. If these children do not grow up in the right ways, then it will cost them a great deal in the future. As much as it will affect everyone in the society, the children are the ones to suffer most. That means the consequences will run from school to the work place, streets to courts and even the rehabilitation centers. Today’s child is spoilt beyond greed and the results are assessable. Many problems in our society today, I believe are linked to luck of discipline. This problems start with things like antisocial behavior, violent behavior, alcoholism at a tender age, child depression and even children killing each other and obesity being brought by children deciding on their diet. Lately, teachers have become powerless when it comes to disciplining the children ever since the law changed in some parts of our society. It is also sad, to see millions of gifted children unable to do anything with their lives. I feel that something needs to be done urgently.

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