Christmas is a day of giving. Many people across the world offer various presents during Christmas. This present may include hats, shoes, money, blankets, mittens, bread, milk among many other things. However, all theses gifts are not as significant as the gift of help. Offering help is the most significant present one may offer during Christmas. Although one may not have money to buy material present, one may offer help as the best Christmas present. Help is priceless. One does not require money to offer help as a Christmas present. All that is required is the willingness to offer help. From these stories we learn that the most celebrated gift offered during Christmas is help. From the stories we learn that offering help brings a feeling of joy not only to the person receiving help, but also to the person who offers help.

From Tilly’s story we learn that there are various things one can offer as a Christmas present. As the girls are walking home, they talk about Christmas presents they wish to offer during Christmas. These presents include mittens, blankets, loads of wood, a shawl, a pair of shoes. Bessy also wishes that she would like to have candy as a Christmas present. As they walk they came across an injured bird. Tilly offers to help the bird. The other two girls Kate and Bessy discourages her action. However, Tilly insists that she should help the bird since it is her little neighbor and her mother taught her to love her neighbor as she loves herself. Tilly goes on and carries the bird home. When she reaches home her mother offers her milk. Since she knows that her mother is hungry, she decides to offer her bread. This shows Christmas spirit of giving. When Tilly wakes up the next morning she finds loads of present laying before her door. This includes a great pile of wood, blankets, a shawl, a hat. a pair of shoes, nice things to eat and flowers. The presents are from their rich neighbor Mr. King who heard the girls talking and learned something from them. Nonetheless, Tilly offers the greatest Christmas present; helping the bird (Alcott, 1868).

In the singers Christmas story we also learn that help is the best present one may offer for Christmas. In the story a beggar approaches Signora Cavada’s carriage. The driver quickly cracks the whip and  drives towards the suburbs. However, when the singer learns about the beggar she orders the carriage to turn back. The singer talks to the beggar in very friendly tone. At the end of this story the singer offers to train the beggar’s grand daughter how to sing. From the story we also learn that one can offer money for a Christmas present, however, the story emphasizes on help as the major gift one can offer during Christmas (Potts, 1909).

In the Holiday’s story, we also learn about a variety of things that can be shared. This is illustrated through a sequence of events from the bakers effort in baking, the baker’s boy delivering activities, the milkman’s milk packaging and delivering effort , Jacks mother preparing breakfast and the grocer’s boy delivering groceries. From the story we learn a number of things can be shared ranging from bread, milk and groceries. However, Jack offers the greatest gift to Tom: he offers to help him deliver groceries (Bailey, 1918).

In conclusion, various things can be offered during Christmas. These things may include shoes, blankets, hat, candy, bread, cakes, mittens, shawl, piles of wood, flowers and money. However, from these stories the greatest gift one can offer during Christmas is help.

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