Cigarette Factories should be Closed

Tabaquism is a hotly debated topic because it is an addiction that affects many countries in the world, producing injuries in cardiovascular system and lungs as well as cancer. The factor that has increasingly been bothering people is that not only smokers’ lungs are getting ruined but for those affected by passive smoking, it is even worse.  Cigarette factories should be closed because all passive smokers including young children and women are the worst victims of the hazards of smoking. It is, therefore, not surprising that in many surveys conducted; people recommend that they should be closed completely. A large number of people suggested that tabaquism should be banned in public places where there are dangers of fire. This seems to include those who are hell bent on burning themselves out. The risks associated with cigarettes are well known. Indeed, people nowadays overestimate how risky smoking is. Cigarettes are the most dangerous consumer product that is used on a mass scale.

In the society, young people have been an important target of cigarettes industries’ marketers whereby a large number of smokers are hooked at tender ages. Many advertisement campaigns appeal more to youths be equating the use of cigarettes with sexiness, sophistication and glamour. Also, some advertisements are expressly designed to catch the attention of young children. These advertisement activities by cigarette industries enhance smoking in youths and children which in turn affects their lives as well as the entire society. In conclusion, the risks associated with at their production and consumption is extreme, including consequences such as lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of people die every year from tabaquism. Therefore, cigarette factories should be closed and tabaquism should be banned in order to stop this habit.

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