According to Mayss (1999), “in English law, marriage is considered  as a legal contract by which a man and a woman express their consent to create the relationship of husband and wife.”  Therefore, marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman  mainly for the purpose of love and commitment, which includes rights and responsibilities. A marriage relationship that involves both a man and a woman is one that is internationally recognized by all countries, religious groups and different world cultures. However, civil unions and same-sex marriages have sprung mostly in such places as New Jersey, Washington and Oregon, which accept such relationships. According to Macionis (2011), there have been vigorous and continued discussions on same-sex marriages and civil unions by the Congress and the American people for a long time. Most of those who oppose the same-sex marriage claim that marrying someone of the same gender is both morally and ethically wrong, despite an increase in the number of same-sex marriages in society today.

Civil unions are considered to be legal contracts between the parties involved. They are recognized by the state or the government by conferring all or some of the rights which are accorded to marriage, though they fail to attach the history and religious meaning of  marriage between a mam anda a woman. According to Barbst (2009), “same-sex marriage is widely opposed by most people and nations globally.” However, some states in the USA  have begun to provide protection to this group of people. The state invoved  provides a conducive environment for the continuation of such marriages by  arguing  that  civil unions offer rights and responsibilities, though they are limited  to the stated level.” Keeping with  Strasser (2002), “the same-sex marriages opponents argue that, the law recognizes the difference between toleration and endorsement. In addition, it suggests that the state should not legally recognize this marriage as endorsed but at most tolerated”. Therefore, civil unions welcomed the move for the status, pursuant to which a couple was allowed to enjoy benefits and protections that did not exist anywhere else in the United States of America. In this regard, the legislature, commonly referred to as the Vermont legislature, was created mainly for the purpose of the protection of  same-sex marriages. These laws reffering to civil unions outlined benefits, protection and responsibilities of the parties involved in a domestic union. Keeping with stasser, “numerous courts and commentators have argued that according to traditional and the dictionarry defination , the same –sex marriages cannot occur  due to varous fatal problems associated to it. Strasser argument is fallacious insofar as it implies that the legislature is not itself responsible for the legal definations that marriage can escape juducial scrutiny.”  Fertilty is also another argument  that has brought about this same sex amrraiges annd civil unions,  according to strasser , “ the fertility argument is widely used to reject this marriages.” Though the legislature puts it categorical that there is nothing wrong about same sex couples that precludes them from enjoying what the court defines as the purposes of marriage  even when recognizes that homosexuality is illegal.

Most people argue that allowing civil unions and same-sex marriages  will lead to an increase in divorce cases and abortion rates. It will also weaken and reduce the traditional marriages that are morally and ethically accepted worldwide. Permitting same-sex marriages to individuals will actually make people fail to appreciate the traditional purpose of marriage.

According to Gerstmann (2003), allowing same-sex marriage is in fact against religious beliefs and practices. Religious leaders argue that marriage was granted for both a man and a woman,  but not a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. Therefore, it creates conflicts between state and religious groups. Allowing marriage between same-sex individuals will increase prostitution rates, and related vices in the society. There is going to be a drastic increase in the number of children born out of wedlock. It will result in the reduction of parental responsibilities of parents in regard to their children. Single parenthood will also become a reality. Allowing same-sex marriages may lead to spreading sexually transmitted diseases among individuals. Such marriage will lose the respect of the society. There is going to be a misunderstanding between nations that support it and those, who are against.

Despite the continuous resistance on the part of the opponents of sam- sex marriages, this group is seen to be winning because of the current support that gay marriage partners get from the government. Thus, there is going to be a increment  of gay marriages in the USA. The government has amended its laws, initially aimed at prohibiting these marriages from taking place.

Currently, the government has vowed to grant full protection to individuals. It will see gay marriages grow gradually globally, as  many societies are supporting it. The opposition side, individuals, families, communities and the nation at large also argue that civil unions and same-sex marriages mislead other individuals. It is because  they will lead to an increase in gender discrimination in society, where people are living. Though some governments have allowed it by creating laws that protect gay and same-sex marriages, they should make amendments and prohibit the civil unions relationships and same sex marriages  from existence in society.

Same sex marriages is against the biblical interpretaion for marriage. Although the state argument of same-sex marriage would wish to allow this marriage, it should prohibit it fom taking place.the ste argues that marriage allows stability of both the individual and the society, it should not give space for this marriages and civil unions from taking place.

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