Contrasting Masculinity

Masculinity is commonly associated with men and manliness but the fact is that masculinity may be used to represent any act that demands a person or even an animal or any creature to display an act of strength, power and vigor. It is for this reason that some men are considered more masculine than others. One contest in which masculine qualities get called upon easily has to do with risk taking in a very glaring social situation. In moments where I am called upon to take risk such as entering a room flaming up in fire with a six month old baby in to be rescued, I would do everything possible to proof my masculinity defying all odds to save it. This may especially be done to win the respect of others as a man.

There is also another social setting that has to do with proof testing and seeking for detailed information before venturing into a task. Commonly, unlike female counterparts, who may easily believe any story about undertaking venture without critical questioning and evaluation, as a male, I would ask several questions and ensure originality and authenticity before giving heed. Examples of such situations happen with companies that come to promise high yielding investment returns on monies saved.

Contextually, there is the situation of contrast in the two scenarios presented above. In the first instance, the man would just jump into the fire to proof masculinity but in the second case, the same man would not jump into investing for fear of being defrauded. There, however, exists a basic situational factor contributing to the contrasting masculinity and that is, the man would just want to be labeled as bold, but in a shrewd sense. Taking the investment may be a bold financial situation but the man would not want to be ridiculed at the end of the day.

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