Psychology has experienced the largest number of postulations. The findings by psychologists have brought to light the rationale behind most aspects of life that involve human beings. Because of the findings, monstrous steps have been made in the faculty of human behavior.


Thorndike, born in 1874 trained under Cattell, one of the originators of psychometric testing methods. As an instructor, he spent his life studying the process and aspects of human learning (Zimmerman & Schunk, 2003). Owing to his proficiency in mental tests, he became the presided over the Psychometric Society. He later became the president of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Thorndike’s contribution to psychology related mostly to behavior characteristics of both human beings and animals. Through his studies, he put forth the theory of connectionism. As postulated from his findings, some animals are subjects of the learning curve. According to Hergenhahn (2005), his observations were confirmed using a puzzle box and different species of animals. From his observations, he asserted that the learning process is based on associative bonds. The reward or punishment associated with recurrence of an aspect of life, termed as the law of effect was one of his major contributions. As a result, he influenced the establishment of Interlingua (Mowrer & Klein, 2001). He also postulated the law of exercise, which outlines that bonds between stimuli and responses are strengthened by frequent and vigorous repetition.

In the exercise of his testing expertise, Thorndike developed multiple choice questions tests for the United States Army during the WWI (Thorndike & Bruce, 2000). The Alpha and Beta tests, predecessors of today’s ASVAB were used to determine eligibility of enlistment into the army. The two comprised of text and graphic components, and later formed the basis for educational philosophy (Haddan, 1976). His literature has contributed to advancement of teaching approaches


The contributions by Thorndike form a basis for the knowledge relating to learning process in addition to other faculties. As a result, his experiments have shed light on the aspects of learning and testing. Ideas relating to animal training have also originated from his findings, creating avenues for research and career development.

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