Drug Consumption by the Homeless

Section I. Problem of Drug Use in the Homeless Community

The American society suffered greatly from the regular misuse of drugs, as it became a plague of our time. As the Internet became an inseparable part of our life, all the illegal drug abuse-related actions that were taken by certain individuals before could not be concealed any more by anyone. The problems with drugs are constantly getting worse in the USA as both legal and illegal immigrants enter the country and bring the drugs along. After such people enter the country, they try to distribute the drugs they brought to the local population. The worst thing is that, obviously, there is not much done to prevent the impact of illegal drugs on the US citizens. A very troublesome thing is that homeless people overuse the substance, and it significantly influences the number of HIV infected people among the homeless people in the USA. A lot of people do not care at all about the homeless, who take drugs. The fact that the homeless population takes drugs obviously has a great influence on our nation.

Let us start with the fact that a lot of people opposing this matter say that the homeless consume only a miserable part of the drugs compared to nation-wide scale. We agree with this fact as it is totally true. The number of homeless people is very small compared to the rest of the population. But in this case the numbers are not so essential. What really matters is the effect of the use of drugs by the homeless people on the rest of the nation. It is not likely that homeless people will be degerming the needles before the actual drug injection takes place. Actually lots of homeless people prefer to have needles in common use with others while taking a certain drug. That is why HIV develops so easily. Resulting in the spread of the disease, the negative impact on society comes next. A dozen of people are capable to distribute the epidemic to the entire population. It comes such way due to the accumulation of individual occurrences, e.g., a couple of the homeless people come in contact with HIV by regularly taking drugs. In case they would distribute their needles to another two people monthly, the annual HIV infection rate would go from 2 up to 4096 people. Imagine, it would last for another five years, and we will get to the number of hundreds of millions infected people throughout the country. That is why our opinion is that the statement of the insignificance of the number of homeless compared to the rest of the society is false.

Section II. Debating Two Opposite Viewpoints on the Problem

The epidemic of HIV obviously happens to be endless. As year after year passes by, it causes a terrible effect on the nation. Nowadays all people have to know of the possible damage caused by the deadly virus. The most likely ones to be infected with HIV is the least protected social class – the homeless. Recently CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) published the data according to which the Black American community has approximately 46% of the population, who are infected with HIV (1), 23% of them are homeless people. The most astonishing part is that the African American people represent only about 13% of the current U.S. population.

Experts believe that, in average, every sixteenth black male and every thirtieth black female get HIV-infected during their life. The numbers for the white people are rather contrasting. In average, only every 1 in 104 males and 1 in 588 females are likely to contract HIV during their lifespan (2). This is very essential for the homeless adolescents, so far as they first try using the drugs in the very young age. This causes the appearance of certain dangerous habits which lead to HIV and similar infections transferred when taking drugs. A lot of adolescents do not get any information regarding the way they could protect themselves while taking drugs. For instance, homeless people do not care about using sterilized needles, they neither worry about the impact of them taking drugs on the closest people around them.

Center for Disease Control registered the increase in the number of HIV infected people (male adults and teenagers) in the period of 2006-2009 by 6% as a result of exposure to the homosexual contact. This is essential so far as male-to-male contact is getting more tolerated and approved by the society. In the past, representatives of both sexes were involved in taking drugs. But now more and more male homosexuals get involved in it due to its general acceptance. The overall number rose to 56%, and it continues increasing due to the male homosexual intercourse as well as the HIV contraction (3). The number of the HIV infections caused by taking drugs rose to 8 %. Such numbers can be small at the first glance, but considering the way compounding generally works, it becomes a threat. As for the homeless people, a scheme was already created. Taking drugs by the homosexuals causes an overflow of the HIV infections all over the USA. Actually, homeless people mostly have male-to-male, i.e. the homosexual, not the heterosexual kind of the contact as it is generally believed to be. An actual female-to-male contact of the homeless people causes 85% of the diagnosed females to show up as infected with the disease from the males (4). The rest, i.e. 15%, go solely to the drug consumption. The conclusion is obvious as the percentage of the sexually contracted HIV is lowering, giving it up to the drugs. Now they mostly cause HIV. Moreover, traditional heterosexual contacts lose their position to the homosexual ones changing trends in general. The leaders in contributing to the HIV infection diagnosis caused by usage of drugs are the African-Americans. In the period from 2006 to 2009, around half of all the HIV infections came from the Black Americans, the whites constituted around one third, and 19% were Hispanic. All the rest was distributed in equal shares between the Asian, Native Americans, and multiracial people (5).

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