Sociology as an aspect affects our perception of real life situations. In Society: Basics 11th EditionJohn Jmacionis shares his enthusiasm and engagement in real life applications of sociology. It focuses on real people under real circumstances which provide us with better understanding of social, personal, political and cultural issues. The episode All Together, illustrates the concept of groups and organizations. Every group or organization has its own culture and believes. This discussion is illustrated using the ideas of Frederick Taylor in scientific management, (Social Interactions, 2012). A concept which is used to improve group production of workers identified as a group or organization.

Frederick Taylor introduced the idea of “scientific management”. The idea, if work was to be handled or assigned a certain group, it could lead to improved production and performance. Harmonization of duties brought the concept of socialization and interaction. As said earlier organizations and groups had or may have different beliefs and cultures. Through the scientific management concept workers were able to work with their colleagues in unity. Workers were humanized and used like machines, manipulated by there employers to achieve their goals hence higher outcomes and production, (Schu%u0308pbach, 2005). Scientific management technique coordinated and simplified the actions, activities and roles of workers which lead to good returns.

Firms and industries were encouraged to work effectively, efficiently even though the labor force is low. People of different ethnic backgrounds were able to work together to produce better results. This improved the social lifestyles of many workers. Organization had to change their perspectives towards workers; bureaucracy of employers and leaders was discouraged to create humanization among employees.  Ideas of scientific management established social links and development. Corporations with general job classification and specialization helped to create equity among workers with different work cultures, beliefs and social lifestyles.

Scientific management technique helped increase social attractions between workers and employees. This increased work productivity and productions of workers and firms. In sociology Frederick Taylor made a milestone towards human learning and interaction.

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