Effective Communication

The three greatest tools I used in getting people to share in my vision were; evaluating status quo, effective communication and winning members trust. These tools helped me a lot in the quest to getting people share in my vision as I had to do an in depth analysis of the effective methods of communicating to the group members. The first step was the evaluation of the status quo, this meant that a self evaluation of what needed to change in light of the groups vision and mission, where it was now and where it ought to have been in accordance to the set milestones. The need for change was inherent as all the information collected reflected that we as a group were nowhere near achieving the target goals(Gallo). The status quo decision was also informed by the fact that as a group, there was the inherent need to make profit instead of raising money just to manage the group’s activities, which in this case were not profitable. Since our group focused more on contributing small amounts of money to help in managing the small organization, the need to turn the contributions around into working for us instead of us as a group working for contribution was a change we needed to embrace. I find that it is always to have a careful analysis of the problem at hand since it is usually the defining point in any project undertaking. In order to sell the idea to my colleagues, they needed a well-defined problem and I had to use effective communication to ensure that they bought the idea.

Effective communication on the other hand was very helpful in making sure that my idea went through. It was the only way that the group members would get to know what I thought about the group’s current standing and the need to generate some income. Since I had already done a feasibility study, the only remaining thing was the communication of the study and I had a report compiled for presentation during our meeting. I had laid down the advantages of the proposed idea alongside the disadvantages, which were minimal for that matter. I had already drafted a life cycle and was ready for any questions that would arise in the process of communicating to the clients. I remember one question about the financing and it so happened that my research with local financing institutions projected that we would receive a loan within the shortest time possible. Finally, winning members trust was not easy although using the first two tools; I was able to convince the members of the inherent need for change. I knew that these three strategies would win the members and help my idea sail through because the problem was real and the solution was present in my mind. What was required was a good presentation of the need for change and ensure that I persuaded the members to see the same. This was not the first time I used these tools as I have used them in several areas in my life. I had this idea of starting up my own business but finances were lacking, so I sought my family’s support but they needed convincing that I could manage the finances well so I drew up a business plan and presented it to my dad. Since I did not misuse funds, my dad easily trusted me to handle the loan money he lent me. I have never tried the same tools and failed since my communication skills are good and I know how to convince people.

Finally, I feel that issues such as problem definition, objective thinking, and good interpersonal communication are the best tools to use as they enable all the ideas are presented in one go (Ptscc,). These three tools would be my preferred tools of use in getting people share in my opinion since they enable us to discuss issues as they arise.

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