Ethics as a Set of Moral Issues

Ethics can be defined as a set of moral issues or principles of conduct, which govern an individual or group’s behavior (Merriam-Webster). A set of behaviors is made of morals, values, and ethics, among others, which are important in understanding how and why we do what we do. An individual’s ethics act as good way of understanding a person. An individual’s religious background, traditions, and geographical location determine his/her beliefs. Morals are the motivations based on our ideas of right and wrong. Values are a set of rules, which we consider to be of worth, excellence, usefulness, or of importance. Values guide us in knowing the difference between what is important and what is not. Morals play a very important social role in values, and can be broad in acceptance. Our social behaviors have direct impacts on many things. For example, lack of understanding of our actions has led us down the path of environmental destruction.

The way one behaves and interacts with the environmental depends on one’s up-bringing, religious background, as well as the environmental situation one interacted with during his/her childhood. However, our existence as well as the existence of the different forms of life, depends on the actions we take to preserve the planet. Many forms of life have already vanished while others are currently facing extinction due to environmental mismanagement. According to Dr. Jain, many scientific studies have pointed out that every being in nature is intrinsically valuable because every other being is directly or indirectly dependent on each other's survival (par 2).

Our behaviors have negatively affected our day-to-day undertakings. Modifying our behaviors would not only help preserve our environment, but also help in improving our health status due to availability of toxic free water, food, and air. If we do not change our behaviors, more life forms will continue to die. In addition, we will continue to suffer from different health issues due to deterioration of the environment. As our population grows, so does the demand for consumer goods. As the demand for consumer goods increases, the level of emission of toxic waste from industries, which manufacture consumer goods, increases. These toxic materials contaminate our soil, water, and air, thus the entire environment.

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