Evolutionary Concept of Wellness

Wellness is a term that has evolved all through the ages and that is why there has never been a specific definition. Wellness has been defined as the state of well-being or a state of acceptance with the current conditions. However, these definitions do not suffice. Thus, this essay seeks to discuss the evolution of wellness in regards to physical, social, and environmental health.

Physical wellness is a predisposition to cardiovascular strength and flexibility. Physical health encourages physical activity on regular occasions. Physical development in health revolves around nutrition and food. At the same time, it discourages drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol. The factors involved in achieving physical wellness are the consumption and performance of activities that lead to high degree of wellness. This includes medical self-care as well as the appropriate use of medical system.

Additionally, wellness has got something to do with the social well-being. Social health emphasizes on a person’s physical and human environment to the universal welfare of the community. Social health focuses on the interdependence on nature and other people. Pursuit of peace and harmony in the family is a part of social health. This helps a person realize his or her significance in the society together with the impact that they have on the community and nature. This acts as enlightenment to healthy living in the society.

On matters of environmental health, the issue is to lead a way of life that respects the environment. Environmental health includes having respect for nature and the species in nature. Respect for all that is within the environment is the most important aspect of environmental health. The environment sustains the life of human beings. Therefore, showing respect for the environment is a prudent measure that ultimately translates to people’s general well being.  

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