Fight Against Terrorism

Tactics used by the United States government to curb terrorism have been criticized by many, but I think they are reasonable. They have devised several precautions that may be used in curbing terrorism threats. For many years, America has been receiving threats from its enemies in form of terrorist attacks. This has further affected some American embassies in other countries which often receive threats from terrorists. There have been numerous efforts from the government to curb and neutralize terrorist activities in the country and other ally nations. Attacks on America not only cause physical damage to citizens but also to the economy and investment. The American government has done a lot to ensure terrorist activities do not happen in its soil and in ally nations. It has been dedicated to investigate and neutralize terrorist threats in the country and also internationally (Brian 2007).

Is the U.S Making Progress in its Fight Against Terrorism?

I think the United States has been reasonable in the tactics it has used to handle terrorism in the nation. It has applied diplomacy in most of its undertakings as compared to violence. This has made other nations to emulate it in how it handles its security details. This reduces conflict with other nations reducing terrorism threats in the long run. The government has also actively been involved in educating the public on the laws of the land. This enables individuals to express their opinions on the law, and recommend amendments if need be. The American government has also invested in security education and research in institutions (Brian 2007). This gives new ideas and measures to help in curbing terrorism not only in America, but in the whole world. The American government has shared its expertise with other nations in need of it for free to help eliminate terrorism.

Security issues should not only involve the government, as the public also plays a role in curbing them. In several terrorist attacks, the general public has some information on the incident but lack suitable ways to pass it to relevant authorities. In the fight against terrorism, the government should ensure enough offices in strategic locations where the public can provide information to relevant authorities. The government and some non governmental organizations have been involved in providing awareness to the public on how to handle terrorism. They encourage public participation in investigating and curbing terrorism on the American soil.

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