Four Modules

Personal growth can well be put in the following levels social achievement, psychological changes, spiritual advancement and transformation together as one.  Human personality is very complicated, dynamic with a universal dimension in terms of intelligence, skills, energy, values, from childhood up to adulthood (Alphabora, et al., 2008).  Human beings grow in different phases which include shedding of adolescence to maturity phase, from childhood to adolescence and all this comes with different body and mind change altogether (Bringas, 2003).  However past forty years the cycle repeats itself and they face a stagnation period leading to a decrease in growth.

Career growth highly depends on educational background both skills and practice.  Early in the human career, human beings appear energetic but as boredom, repetition and age catches up the energy levels tend to decrease.  Nevertheless, there is a rise in the carrier levels, thereby reducing the work done and increasing the comfort level.  However, a shift in career alters this sequence of events and encourages an improvement in service offered.  Updating of the skills through enrollment in to college or university also comes with great advantages hence encouraging growth (Adams, 1994).

A community is mainly a cluster or grouped people who are able to share their way of living.  Community growth encompasses living together sharing with the neighborhood.  This is mainly achieved through proper parental care and guidance from childhood.   The nature of social relationships made as one grows up matters a lot.  Community growth increases in life up to adulthood because we keep making new friends.  However, as we make friends we lose others (Bringas, 2003).  The rich have been known not to make many friends because they don’t socialize much with the immediate environment and prefer living in seclusion.

From the above we note that generally where as community growth under normal circumstances keeps improving and increasing graphically, personal growth stagnates in the late phases of life and even decreases whereas carrier growth increases with age and experience bearing in mind education as a major factor and experience.

In conclusion, we can deduce a graph from the above findings that explains the general nature of human being with regard to their behavior as pertains carrier growth, personal growth and community growth.

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