Gay Marriage

Thesis statement: We all strive hard for the betterment of our children. The best way to ensure that children are brought up in the best environment is to ensure that the spouses should be of different genders. Children are the most affected due to gay marriages. Gay marriages should not be favored.


I          Drawbacks of gay marriages:

            (A)       Upbringing of children hampered

            (B)       Children prone to addiction to homosexuality

            (C)       Against the ethics of the institution of marriage

            (D)       Against the ethics of Church

            (E)       Undermine the Western culture

            (F)       Gays are prone to various sexually transmitted diseases

Gay Marriage

The idea of gay marriage is totally against the ethics of Christianity and Judaism. According to Jewish and Christian Scriptures marriage means the union of male and female into an integrated sexual totality. It is not merely about more closeness or sharing each other’s lives. It is actually a sexual fusion.

Gay marriage affects the life expectancy rate of the gays. It is lower as compared to that of heterosexuals. Gays are prone to various sexually transmitted diseases like laryngitis, hepatitis A and B, syphilis, etc.

There are certain benefits of being married heterosexually. These include emotional, mental, financial, and health related benefits. But in homosexual marriages like gay marriage, these benefits are unavailable. Gay marriages subvert the motive of marriage as an institution. Same sex marriage would intimidate the institution of marriage. Marriage is a tradition of the union of a man and a woman. Marriage is meant for proliferating the human race and particularly the genetic reproduction and persistence of the species. Gay marriages are morally wrong and defy the ethics of the revered institution of marriage. We all believe in God and the teachings of His Prophets. Gay marriage is not what they taught us. In fact gay marriage is the outcome of the sexual rage of two males. Gay marriage has a bad impact on the society and to be more precise, on the children. In a society where gay marriage is allowed, the environment to raise children becomes worse. The wellbeing of the children is compromised. According to studies done by various scholars, it has now been established that children being raised by homosexual couples are at more risk of molestation and domestic violence. This happens because homosexuals are mostly alcohol and drug addicts. Children learn from their parents and as such they are more liable to engage in homosexual activities, which can be life threatening. For a child, mother’s love and affection is of utmost importance. Gay marriages deprive a child from this love and affection.

Heterosexual marriage is a conventional institution that dates back to times unmemorable, whereas gay marriage is a recent and unproven social try out. Heterosexual marriages stabilize the society whereas gay marriages destabilize it. Gay marriages will give rise to instances of polygamy.

There are numerous awful after-effects of gay marriage. One of the many reasons is that since the gay couples have a shorter life expectancy, they will not be able to take proper care of their adopted children. As mentioned earlier, gays contract several diseases that might be harmful to the children. If the marriage of gays is legalized, the Churches will have to get them married against their will. Subsequently, homosexuality will be endorsed in all public schools. Children will have easy access to sex related actions. Consequently, their performance at the academic level will drop and this would hamper their future careers. Gay marriages could challenge the dominance and stability of Western culture. So if at all gays want to get married, they should first become straight and then search a partner from the opposite sex to get married and lead a happy and respectful married life.

The majority of nations in the world are against gay marriage. This in itself is a testimony that people around the world are against gay marriage or homosexual marriages to be more precise. Heterosexuality is more favored than homosexuality and heterosexuals are more innate, normal and ethical than the homosexuals.

The very thought of gay marriage is disgusting. Two persons of the same sex making love to each other defy the basic Law of Nature, because of the paraphilia. Gay marriages are not the proper alternates for customary marriages.

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