Generation X through Marketing View

In a person’s life, his habits and acts changes as he grows up, so it is usually people in the same age who have got almost similar thoughts and manners. Sociologists have divided the North American people into several generations and one of those generations is the generation X. From marketing perspective, members of generation X require truthful, honest advertising because they tend to think about the brands before looking at the products. Thus they need classic products, have branded loyalty, and want to stick themselves to the same features.

In North America, generation X is a term used for people who were born between1961 to 1981, and that generation comes after the baby boom generation ended. However, generation X sometimes refers to as baby bust because of the difference in the birth rate as compared to baby boom. Now a person who considers himself as generation X is in his 30s or 40s – during their time, there was not any war in North America, so the economics was good and job opportunities were better than today. Moreover, people from generation X had reached the highest level of education as compared to any other group. Furthermore, they think that they had the most marvellous childhood, not like the baby boom group who lived during several wars and lacked important needs, and not like generation Y, which comes after generation X.           

Generation X group seeks for classic products. They do not like any changes in the product. They want the same product that they used to buy every time, and the products that they trust. In Canada, 16.8 % of population is under 14 years of age and that section of population are not magnetized by companies because under 14 years old generation cannot be a consumptive group by itself. So, companies will focus on the rest of the population. They will focus on 83.2% of Canadian people, and more than half of them are related to as generation X. However, companies that trusted on generation X group do not have to put a high budget for advertisements to attract generation X people. Because they are trusted by this group therefore, they will not change the product and look for another strategy to attract the same group of people. So companies do not have to be creative in advertisements. They can use simple advertisements and show them on television or use the regular mail. However, these two ways of advertisement are useful sources to reach generation X group easily and effectively. According to the Statistics of Canada, the average television viewing hours per week by this group shows that people between the ages of 25 to 50 are spending more hours than any other age group. So, for companies, television is one of the easiest ways to reach generation X members. However, people in this age tend to have their own houses and being a homeowner, they show full responsibility in every sense, and for sure they will access Internet and read the mail every day.  And that is another way to reach this part of the society. Thus, these two ways of reaching generation X members are working for companies and there is no need to explore other ways to attract the group.

Generation X members have brand loyalty -- when they trusted a brand, they will not change it. Generation X people do not seek for different brands of clothes every season, and they do not even change their brand car name to another one when they want to buy a new car. Most of the brands that are trusted by this group of people are good brands and sometimes the best in the market. However, the trust for good brands maybe related to those members of generation X who reached highest education level as compared to other generation groups. According to the Statistics of Canada, half of Canada's population who have university degrees are between the ages of 34 to 54. So, that can give a hint the way they choose good brands. Also, in the Statistics of Canada, it has been shown that 28.9 percent of people between the ages of 35 to 54 use the Internet at least once a week. So, they are educated group and they are well connected with the world through the Internet.

Generation X people stick themselves to the same feature and they do not like to change. The best example for generation X is my brother. Even though he did not live in North America, but he possesses the same character. He owns a Mercedes Benz car and that he never changed, and if he changes it in future, he will buy a new model from the same company brand. In addition, he never changes his hairstyle, and he wears the same brand of clothes and the same brand of glasses. Furthermore, he makes an advert on his favourite brand, and he encourages his friends to buy the same brand. Thus, brand loyalty gives generation X consumers enthusiastic about doing free advert to their favourite brands.

In conclusion, from marketing prospective, generation X people are a valuable section of society, which can easily be targeted by the companies. Because, these groups need classic products, have branded loyalty, and want to stick themselves with the same kind of features. So companies that trusted by generation X group do not have to put a high budget in advertisements to attract these people.

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