Generation X

Generation X, abbreviated to Gen X, includes the people born after the Western post Second World War baby boom. The generation comprises the American born in 1965 to 1980, which including 44 to 50 million people. The generation market birth decline after the period of the baby boom. Currently, members of this generation are in their 30’s and 40’s. They have received education and developed ethically more than the baby boom generations. Studies show that, over 60 % of generation X gained college education. In the work, they hold positions like junior partners, mid-level paralegal, senior associate and support staff in law firms. Though this generation has been regarded as the most developed, they also face some problems.

They grew up during the two income family’s era, with increased divorce rate and a faltering economy. In this period, women had started joining workforce. This has made generation X be independent, self sufficient and resourceful. They value freedom in the work place and ensure responsibility compliance. They display structured work hours. They also display being micro managed with the corporation of management philosophy. The generation applies the use of current technology. In the work place, they use technology to serve instead of serving customers manually. Most of them use emails, cell phones, laptops, PDAs and Blackberry. They do not work for one employer. They carry out many tasks in order to generate extra income. They are always flexible and change from one job to another in order to develop economically.

This generation has been associated with many social problems like divorce, drug abuse, and involvement in crime activities. Many of them have been committing a crime in order to sustain their living or for pleasure. A large number of this generation has also engaged in drug abuse. Studies show that, many people of this generation have divorced. The generation X enjoys benefits as well as challenges in their life.

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