Global War on Terrorism

The most significant issue affecting the intelligence community is concerned with the overall security level that is offered by the community to the United States. The nature of security offered has been questioned especially as the agency is composed of 16 groups which never helped much to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. This raises questions on how safe America is despite the numerous resources which have been set aside for the intelligence community. Among the many critic views concerning 9/11 is how an attack of such high magnitude could go undetected by all members of the intelligence community.

The other issue which has been controversial is the nature of cooperation that is demonstrated by members of the intelligence community. As an attempt to fight global terrorism, countries have sought each other’s assistance as a way of maximizing resources and information. However, at the intelligence community, teamwork has been a major problem as each group often worked dependently of the others.

Yet another crucial issue that arose was failure to link or connect information that was left lying around by the terrorists as they made their plans by the intelligence community. This demonstrates failure to take any possible lead as a vital piece of information sufficient to curb terrorist activities before they took place. This involves use of traditional military threats as was the case in Iraq where the United States employed its military personnel to keep off terrorists for sometime. The intelligence community thought that terrorists would be fought in the same way the military were fighting rebels around the world which was not a feasible idea.

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