Both taste of honey and top girls are often referred to as feminist texts. Do happy days also belong to this category? This is has for many days been a matter of debate following the recent years human exploration. In an attempt to answer this various scholars have tried to come up with various hypotheses in order to shade some light on this.

Feminists’ texts are those texts that try to look at gender equality putting more emphasis on women. It looks at women from their political social and cultural perspective. This means that women have been having minimal if any and even no rights at all. Thus women, although in a slow pace have tried to join forces starting from their call for opportunities and responsibilities that belonged to men to attaining the status and recognition as men

A taste of honey has also been referred to as a feminist texts because its used proverbially as it the case that taste by taste empties the honey jar. This literally means that a small drain on limited resources will finish it eventually. Like feminist texts ,this maneuvering from where the women were not even considered as existing, since some text shows that even women were not counted during censures, to a period when they can hold the presidency. Thus even without enough space to put their grievances, one can be able to manipulate the available, even if they are scarce in order to come up with whatever he or she desires.

Top girls expression as also been used metaphorically to mean beautiful ladies who can attract all sorts of men. Thus they have eyes which bore a purity of a sheen mirror which despite their reflective brilliance, they shore through their spirit and resolve. This means that a single lady of this nature can attract a lot of men who cant resist the temptation of being left behind. Like the feminists text, the top girls can be classified as in this group together with a taste of honey. The issue that remains is whether happy days also belong to this category.

Happy Days as Feminist Texts

As from the above explanations, its evident that feminists texts can be some form of struggle to entangle oneself or a group of disabled individuals in order to achieve a recognition beyond expectation of the many, As pertains to happy days that can bring about happiness, then there are various day that lie to this category like the Christmas day, birthday, valentines day, public holiday and many others (The New York Times, 2006).

Starting with Valentines Day as a day of happiness, it can lie to a category of feminist texts since it tries to bring into celebrations that many people view to be obvious known as love. It is a day that is being celebrated every 14th day of February. It has gained lots of fame in the entire world. One thing that makes this day look like a feminist text is that it was stated by on catholic saint known as valentine who decided to do away with the monk business and decided to give himself a chance of entertaining a wife. It did not occur into his mind that he brought such changes that were later come to be celebrated everywhere until a day was set aside for these celebrations. It started from an individual and later transformed into a global affair (Simckins, 1988).

There is also another day that has gained recognition among Christians known as the Christmas day. Its an annual event that is being celebrated world over by Christians in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an event that started from a small town in Nazareth and later spread to all parts of the world. This can also be equivalent to feminist texts in that it originated from a small region and later spread to other parts of the world. In most countries in the world, charismas is the most less active day in all daily activities like business and commerce. All the institutional premises are closed and almost all the activities of the industries are paralyzed during that day (Nora, 2009).

Another happy day that belongs to this category is the birthdays. These are the days that people commemorate the period in which they were born. The history of birthdays can be traced back to the period before Christianity in which the pagans believed in the existence of evil sprit that pervaded human being during birth. In order to protect a person from the evil sprits, people used to surround him and make merry. A lot of noises were being made during this period in order to scare away the evil spirits. But nowadays they have turned out to gain a lot of popularity. However in the past gusts did not bring gifts. But nowadays they have gained a lot importance in that almost every individual can be able to carry it out and in the function flowers have become popular as gifts. About hundred years ago birthday cards were introduced in England that is now popularly being used. This can be classified to the category of feminist texts in that it started as small event for particular people who never had even world recognition and becoming a world event that in a matter of time is likely to become an important event as it has been seen in Washington where there a birthday set a side for the commemoration of the birth of Washington DC.

There are other days of happiness that are being celebrated world over. These are the national public holidays. In most cases these are those days that are set aside by each country in order to celebrate either the time they gained independence or some other internationally recognized days like that of the international labor organization day. These days have a long history in which states started learning from other sates that had held such events (Brian, 2006).


As it been discussed, happy days are of the same category as a taste of honey and top girls also as feminists’ texts. In the world over various scholarly arguments have been made and has shown that in essence happy days are of various categories ranging from those that are celebrated after people lost their lives like wars of independence or those which, commemorate the genocide like that of Rwanda and there are some which try to make some disastrous events to comfort the living like the world aids day.

Like feminist texts, most events that occur globally have also been attributed to the same like the growth of towns. Amid all the fanfare in these towns, the main attraction is something for more mundane, the post offices, banks, and other infrastructural facilities. Like in every year, thousands of people flock in Bethlehem for post marks, a town in which Jesus was born ,which are often stamped with special  cachets like an image of the three wise men.

In terms of public holidays, it ensured that all individuals have leisure time at the same time. But they do not typically force individuals to consume more leisure in any given year. In some places like Bavaria there are 17 public holidays but workers still have 348 other days each year in which they could vary their working time to compensate for the public holiday days. So happy days are like feminist texts like a taste of honey and top girls.

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