In most cultures and societies, sex is for the married couples. The main reasons for sex are pleasure and procreation. However, it is common for many high school students to have sex at their age. When high school students have sex, they expose themselves to numerous risks. The most common risk is the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as H.I.V/AIDS, gonorrhoea, and syphilis among others. The effects of these STIs are usually long term, with some like H.I.V/AIDS that are incurable. The infected individuals also experience segregation by their friends leading to emotional and physical suffering. Unprotected sex also exposes these students to the risk of unplanned pregnancies. In some cases, when a girl opts for abortion, she exposes herself to more risks that may include future childlessness or even death. Unplanned pregnancies also interfere with the education of the girl.  This also stalls the personal development of the girl. Besides abortion, birth control pills, used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, may interfere with the hormonal balances of the body. This leads to future health complications to the girl especially during pregnancy.

However, sex in high school can produce positive results to the students. Students exposed to sex early in life get experiences that help them mature early in their sex lives. They get exposed to different contraceptives, and they are able to use them effectively.

From the above discussion, it is evident that the disadvantages of high school sex far outweigh its advantages. It exposes that students face situations to which they are not emotionally prepared, considering their age. Therefore, awareness should be created to protect students from such risks. This knowledge will also help the affected teenagers to deal with the effects. Sex education can also be used to teach the young students about sex, and thus help them make informed decisions.

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