Custom marriage was a ceremonial bind of two individuals of different sexes to form a couple. This is a history where a man and a woman join together grounded in love and promise. Nowadays the conventional view of marriage has lost meaning, because it has changed to gay and lesbian couples demanding the same rights to love, honor and cherish. They demand the same rights and legal protection as those enjoyed by the heterosexual couples.

Gay commonly referred to homosexuality point to a homosexual person. A homosexual person is specifically a male whereas a homosexual female is known as a lesbian. This terminology previously used to refer to a person who is carefree, bright and happy, but of late it has come to acquire a new meaning (Homosexuality 1). The new meaning for gay has started to gain immorality from the year 1637. This synonym for gay as homosexuality assumed this reference on the start of the 19th century but it is use has occupied the ground in the 20th century. The explanation given from the modern English on gay as being used as an adjective and sometimes as a noun, refers to people and in this case men, to their culture and practice that are associated with homosexuality (William 360).

 In the 20th century the word gay has been used to refer to individuals who are attracted to the representatives of the same sex. In this case this terminology became so prevalent in most parts of the world. In later times, it took other references like stupid or rubbish, meaning gay. In this case it is not used to refer to homosexual, but to an object for instance an inanimate object or an abstract concept of which one disapproves. This connotation can often refer to weakness or unmanliness. This means that, when used this way, the length to which it still refers can retain connotations of homosexuality as reflected in various argumentations (Strauss 100).

The word gay used as an English term from the 12th century, comes from the old French derivative term, “gai” suspected to have come from the Germanic source. Initially, its reference pointed to the men’s practice of happiness. It took words like joyful, carefree and showy as this word was commonly used in speech and literature. For instance, the optimistic 1890s are still referred to as Gay Nineties. This can be supported, for instance from the title of the 1938 French ballet film, The Gay Parisian, which also approves this connotation. This continued to the 20th century when the term assumed a new meaning and this time, to mean homosexual even though it earlier on had acquired sexual connotations.  It is important to be noted here that the derived abstract noun gaiety often remains by large extent free of sexual connotations. This can be demonstrated as in the recent past has being used in association to the names of places of entertainment, for instance W.B. Yeats hard Oscar Wild Lecture in Dublin (Stone 78).

Many people believe that any sexual act between any two individuals of the same sex is ultimately perverse. It is certain that they have a point they are raising too. Christians on the other hand have come out strongly condemning this life changing behavior among individuals, since they have deviated from the will of God that man to marry a woman and not his fellow man. Previously, marriage between a man and a woman was a civil and a religious union that was blessed by the community members. It was a community interest with a simple purpose of bringing two people of opposite sexes together to create a family. In this case the central but not the only factor that played main role was love. The same reason why people joined together was to have a cool environment for sexual relations. All this time the society has come to believe that love is sole reason to marry and sex is a fulfillment of this love and not otherwise. In the years of 1960s and 1970s, there was sexual revolution with few people seeing sex as a matter that should be confined to the marriage bed (William 360).

The idea why people should marry has shifted the attitudes among individuals, by considering why they marry and what they expect in marriage. This has resulted to the wrong perception by the society as to regard to the moral development among individual in this society. negotiable and revocable terms. Conventionally, marriage limited to unions of a man and a woman, and in the modern state it has included the idea of same sex couples referred to The society sees marriage as an instituted contour whose purpose is to avail to the fullest the emotional satisfaction to the individual love abides based on as the gay. The basis for this lies on the idea of love which is the primary force to marry, it will require the agreeing individuals to set up their own families regardless of the form of partnership that will be involved (Stone 78).

In USA the issue of gay has been banned because it is considered to be illegal. On the contrary, Canada does allow homosexuality. It was during the summer that the federal Canada government was unable to make a ruling over the contest as provided by the provincial court that arrived to the conclusion and denied homosexual individuals` right to continue these activities. It is seemed to have violated the Canada’s constitution. For this reason, Canada following the Netherlands and Belgium was the very first country in the western region to have given the full-fledged marital right for gays and lesbians (Homosexuality1).

This is the reason why gay marriage is increasingly gaining ground as a center of controversial issues in marriages. Several areas have been a blame for gay marriages, media taking the center stage. However, it is difficult to work on this since there are two groups involved; those who support gay and those who do not support gay. Various researches have done an inquiry into specifically gay marriage. Some have come to the support of gay marriages and they believe in gay marriage as a universal right and not just restrained to heterosexuals. While the large part of research reveals that marriage is a traditional sacred family issue that is meant purely for heterosexual couples (Strauss 110).

On the other hand the gay communities hold one assumption, since politics has discriminated to reflect a focus on acceptance specifically in the coastal powers of the New York and San Francisco, now it happens that the entire nation has moved with it. Research points that, by looking at, for instance Kansas City, in a more reflective and radical way, the world will uncover new discoveries that a more intricate and accurate description grounded on the real national trends. Specifically, as this research suggests, by looking more and focusing at the Midwestern City, reflecting on the history of conflicts over space instead of looking on events and people, people will be able to uncover a totally new body of evidence that might complicate the new evidence of national gay histories (William 360).

In concussion, Gay refers to homosexuality that point to homosexual person. This terminology in the past referred to a person who is carefree, bright and happy, but is has come to acquire a new meaning in the present. In this time, the term has become so prevalent in most parts of the world. It has now taken other descriptions, like stupid or rubbish, that refers to mean gay practice and behavior. In this case it is not used to refer to homosexual. For instance, Christians have come out strongly condemning this life changing behavior among individuals, that has resulted to gay marriages in a society. Many people believe that any sexual act between any two individuals of the same sex is ultimately perverse, for instance, in USA the issue of gay has been banned since it is considered illegal and immoral (Homosexuality 2).

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