How Could A Job Satisfy You?


In this paper, I will interview six people to identify what aspects of their jobs make them happy and satisfied: Hongyang Guo, a young specialist who works at a Video Game company at a position of an online game host; Shudi Liu who is a technician at a tele-com company; Jie Shi, a woman who works as a seller at a book store; my brother who works at a law firm as a counselor internship; my sister who works abroad; and the last person that was interviewed is Xiaocheng Yan, who works at the department of public relations at a business firm. Taking into consideration their answers, I will provide the general picture on the most valuable points of a job that satisfies people.

Report on Interviews

The provided interviews showed that all participators outlined different aspects of work that brought them the biggest satisfaction. For instance, Hongyang Guo who works at a Video Game company states that the biggest satisfaction for him is to be in front of the Video Game industry. He founds much of video games and thus, due to his job, he receives an opportunity to unite his circle of interests with work and receives money for that. Another interviewee, my sister, likes her job because she can travel much which brings a lot of pleasure to her. As one can see, the criterion for job satisfaction is different for these people. Hongyang Guo likes cyberspace and video games, while my sister admires an opportunity to travel a lot.

Taking into consideration the interviewees answers about job satisfaction one may state that their classification of a good job depends on the following requirements. The first and the most valuable requirement for all participators is the range of personal interests. This criterion is very specific because every person has different interests that bring him/her pleasure. Nevertheless, each interviewee states that he/she is satisfied with his/her job because it corresponds to his/her interests. For instance, Shudi Liu likes solving problems at work, while Xiaocheng Yan admires an opportunity to communicate with people.

The second criterion of satisfaction is an opportunity for self-development. Doing a particular work for money is good, but for personal satisfaction people require something more. As a rule, an ordinary work takes at least 8 hours a day which is plenty of time. People also spend in average 8 hours for sleep and about 4 hours for everyday routine work. In addition, they have at least few hours for relaxation or entertainment. As one can see, there is very little time for personal development which people may use every day. Thus, it is very important for them to find a job that will also improve not only their professional skills, but also gives an impulse for general development. Thus, my brother likes working in a Law firm because he learns something new every day.

The third criterion of job satisfaction that was outlined by interviewees is adequate communication. Any type of work is connected with communication, even if it is an Internet job where people do not meet each other in a real life; they still use the email correspondence to regulate their actions, which is also a part of a communication process. For Xiaocheng Yan and Shudi Liu, communication is a part of their work. They have to solve different issues in the workplace which would be impossible without communication. Thus, adequate communication is so important for them because it covers the major part of their every day obligations.

The forth criterion for job satisfaction is the relations with a boss and coworkers. The relation with colleagues and a boss is an important element of job satisfaction because a person meets these people every day and has to maintain friendly relationships with them to feel comfortable at work. The disharmony in a team or constant quarrels with a boss does not make a person satisfied with his/her job, even if it is interesting and diverse. Thus, communication and relations with people are an important step towards the general level of satisfaction.

Finally, the last criterion which predetermines job satisfaction is ambitions. Every person has certain ambitions about his/her job. Some people, like my sister, use their work to travel abroad; her ambitions consist of visiting different countries and learning new cultures. Another person, like Jie Shi, has smaller ambitions, but they are very important for her. Her ambitions are to read as many books as she can. Hence, working ata book shop gives an excellent opportunity to satisfy this ambition.

Taking into account all these factors, one may outline what makes people satisfied with their jobs. All people want to work in the sphere they like, whether it is a job connected with book selling or computer games. The things people like to do and do every day as a part of their hobby bring them the biggest satisfaction. The biggest dream of any person is to find a job where a boss will pay money for their hobby. Personal development also plays a great role because every person has a desire to develop his/her non-professional skills and be diverse-developed. In addition, communication with other people and relations with colleagues also have a great impact on job satisfaction. Those people who cannot find a common language in the work place could hardly state that his/her job brings him/her much satisfaction. Finally, all people want to bring their ambitions into life; thus, they try to find a job that will help them to implement all their ideas and desires into life.


Reflection on Interviews

This interview demonstrates that all people are different and everybody´s job satisfaction depends on personal interests and way of living. For some people, it is interesting to spend the entire day in a cyberspace, while other people hate sitting in the office and prefer to travel much. Some people try to avoid a problem-solving type of work, while others look forward to demonstrate their negotiation skills. According to this fact, there cannot be one single formula that could identify the basic principles of job satisfaction because it depends first of all on a person. For instance, one may outline that friendly coworkers, pleasant atmosphere in the office, a working day from 9 till 5, and 4 weeks of annual vacation is what makes a person satisfied. However, there will always be those people who prefer working alone, but not in a team, who cannot stand the ordinary working day from 9 till 5 and prefer a part time job where they are able to fix their everyday schedule, and those people who cannot be in one place for a long time. Hence, if one takes the perfect job description from the first example and apply it to a person from the second example, it will turn out that these job criteria are absolutely dissatisfied for such individual. According to this fact, it can be said that job satisfaction is a very specific phenomenon which is identified by every person differently.

From this interview, I found out what will make me happy in my career; first of all, I have to choose the job I like. This job should be connected with my interests and match to my abilities. For instance, if I want to travel a lot, I should not choose an office job. As far as I am going to work in the public relations field, I believe that I should find a job that will be connected with people and communication. Working with clients face to face or provide the distance communication is what I need in my job. I think that I will not be satisfied with a job which does not include this aspect. In addition, I believe that an important part of my ideal job is a friendly team and ambitious boss who will provide constant innovations in work that will help to develop my personal qualities. Hence, all these elements are necessary to make me happy on my career path.


The work of a dream is a goal of any person, but many people feel that they are dissatisfied when they find a good job. One of the ruling criteria for such people is money; as a result, they totally forget about other essential parts of a great job, such as colleagues, boss, opportunities for travelling, personal development and, of course, the admiring of the performed work. First of all, people should be satisfied with what they do. The interviews showed that the basic element of job satisfaction for all participators was a desire to work exactly in a particular sphere because it is connected with a range of interests or personal ambitions. The second aspect is to choose the type of job whether it should be an office job or the one that is connected with constant travels or trips abroad. Finally, the third aspect is an opportunity for self-development and career growth. Taking into consideration all these aspects, one may introduce a perfect job as the one which satisfies all these three requirements for every person individually.

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