Human Social Behaviors

Human social behaviors are influence by the activities and beliefs surrounding their existence in the different physical niches of the world. These behaviors are as a result to human response to different ways of doing things based on social understanding. Because of these responses a culture is born. Looking at culture and socialization, the two are depend as they both represent human behavior and response to the course of humanity. Human beings are born social beings hence the intrinsic quest to associate and interact with each other. Social activities have a direct impact on political and economic scopes of every distinct society.

This research will demonstrate the effects of social activities and the impact of culture in different scopes of life in a society. It is prudent to say that culture and socialization has a great influence on human behavior in very far-reaching ranges. Culture in Canada has helped in socialization of the population in various distinctive ways in the course of their interaction and activities. Socialization is the platform from which a culture is developed under the influence of personality traits and acquired behaviors from the surrounding (Mendenhall 2010). Culture sets standards and behavioral guidelines for individuals in a society to make them respond in a particular effect unique to the specific society. This has a role in building norms and virtues for the well-being of the society.

A culture has a way of expressing relations among individual and has been useful in maintaining and instilling certain virtues in the society. Academic status and discipline has an influence on the cultural behaviors of a society. This changes the way of thinking because of academic development and enhances understanding which thereby changing the cultural setting in an academic angle. A learned population has different cultural characteristics compared to the unlearned one in all respects. In defining criminal and unacceptable behaviors in the society, culture sets standards that justify the acceptance of a particular action to determine its effect on the rest of the people. This is usually in an attempt to create harmonized understanding and co-existence among the people.

One may differ in the opinion of the laws set and put in place and decide to behave in a manner to disobey the rules informed by the cultural beliefs. These are a justified case for punishment as it goes against the collective agreement of the society. Cultural settings have help come up with laws to bring order and harmony in the society. Going against the set standard of behavior is seen as deviant actions, which have set consequences. Punishment is measured according to the extent of deviance in the accepted behaviors.

A good example is the offences of terminating a pregnancy before it is due. This offense is considered taboo and is severely punishable in almost all the societies. A person who commits such an offence is subjected to punishment for going against cultural beliefs. In regards to the level of diversity in Canada, there are many cultural practices in the country. These cultural differences are brought about by the existence of different tribes from different regions like the French who migrate into Canada as immigrants and were adopted as legitimate citizens. Finding a dominant culture in Canada is difficult as the people there are of different backgrounds with different cultural beliefs.

However, the dominant culture of the Canadians is their tolerance and acceptance of other people’s beliefs and culture. This is a virtue upheld by the Canadians society over the years. This virtue has helped the country to avoid riots and chaos as a result of battles for acceptance by the immigrants. By accepting other cultures has helped maintain peace and order and has enhanced social ties between the Canadians and the immigrants. Accepting other people’s beliefs has reduced chances of having actives to be declared criminal hence reducing crime and its possible occurrence. These have been Canadians culture over the years since its inception and have always been the strength of the country.

Through the study, it is clear that human behavior determines their cultural characteristics in the society. Social injustices are because of societal differences that may be conflicting in reason and in intension. Therefore human activities not be inclined to one particular approach but rather should consider others perspectives in the in looking at a particular issue. Social standards are acceptable in line with the majorities feeling and reason.

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