Immigrants in the United States

Becoming American becoming ethnic talks about what immigrants in the United States undergo in America once they get there.  Majority of immigrants are faced by many challenges the main one being language barrier. Communication is paramount in every society; therefore, once these immigrants get into America and are unable to communicate with others   they tend to feel lonely and dejected.  When students travel to the United States to study, some of them are faced by numerous challenges especially discrimination from the natives.  In Dublin’s book, he talks about feeling relieved every time he left school, but whenever he was in school, he had developed an attitude. (Dublin 1996)

Dublin further discusses the importance of the immigrants not getting too absorbed into the American culture, hence, forgetting their ethnicity. Dublin recognizes the importance of an individual maintaining their heritage because it defines them. America is extremely multicultural and sometimes the pressure to change can be overwhelming especially for those wanting to be accepted in the society. (Dublin 1996)

People migrate into America in search of opportunities, careers and education. This is what is referred to as the American dream. However, this is not always the case especially for immigrants. They have to work harder to get to the top positions. This is not only as a result of their ethnicity but also because of the competition that exists in the country.  Immigrants have to adapt to the culture change in America or else they may end up getting culture shock. Just like Dublin’s father, he had to learn to adapt to the culture change so that he could take care of his family in new territory. This was necessary, though very hard. (Dublin 1996)

Leaving home is always hard and immigrants need a lot of courage to survive the emotional strain it entails. Most of the immigrants become homesick and being in a foreign country scares them.  However, people have to let go of some things in order to achieve other better ones. In addition to this, America as we see it today has evolved and is more welcoming to immigrants. This makes it easier for them to get settled and adapt in the new country than if the natives were hostile and cruel. From as early as the colonial era, racism in the United States of America has been a crucial issue. Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, American Jews, Mexican Americans, Irish Americans and other immigrant groups as well as their descendants were all considered as the minority groups. Racism has many forms. However, no one is born a racist. This develops from the environment from which children grow into. The election of Barrack Obama as a US president was a significant event in the history of America. Being an African American, it was the people’s way of telling the world that the end of the dark ages of racism in America had come. People like martin Luther King Jr. dreamt of the day all Americans would accept each other and learn to live together in harmony. Finally, this dream is slowly becoming a reality. Racism is a global harm on society, yet with persistence equality can be made. (Neusner 2009)

In the past, some Americans were particularly hostile to immigrants and racism was the norm, this made life particularly difficult. However, America is now a better place to live in an indication being the fact that, in their last elections, they elected a Black president. This was the first time a black man won the presidency in America and it has paved way for others. This is an indication that the dark years of racism and discrimination of immigrants are long gone. (Neusner 2009)

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