Intersecting Identities: Sexuality and Disability

Social identities are formed from a person’s attraction and desire for individuals of a given sex. There construction is based on the gender in which a person’s sexual, romantic, and/or erotic identify without requiring sexual activity. Social identities come up as a result of the binary between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Their have been doubts of the existence of bisexuals particularly after the publication of the New York Times in 2005 on ‘’Straight, Gay or Lying?’’. This has facilitated the so called bisexual community to come out loud and proud for publicity purpose. Generally all human differences are subject to stigmatization; however it notably saddening that determination of whether human differences are desirable or undesirable is determined by the dominant group in the society.

Social identities generally refer to a person’s desire of a particular sex. Heterosexuality for instance is considered as the norm or dominant sexual identity since it involves sexual attraction towards the opposite sex. Homosexuality refers to sexual attachment with the same sex thus considered abnormal. Sexual attachment experienced to both sexes is referred to as bisexual and also face stigmatization. 

The dominant group among the social identities is the heterosexuals while the subordinate one is the homosexual. Individuals on the dominant group are considered rather organized and privileged. The heterosexual coercive assumes that other sexual identities are not acknowledged by people and institutions. Those on the subordinate group are viewed as suffering from psychological illness leading to the damage of their self-esteem. This makes them view other individuals as being prejudiced.

From the student post, an individual’s social identity is determined among other factors by, the gender, race and sexual orientation. The article ‘’Queers without Money’’ discusses the stereotypes view causes of lesbians being poor is the fact that they are lesbians. Lesbians are viewed in an angle that they require a male partner to escape poverty. This is because their female partners have merger earnings. They are discriminated and denied medical insurance as well as spousal benefits.

 Hypocrisy is experienced where people perceive courage when individuals with disabilities such as amputee athletes attempt to compete with able-bodied individuals but again accuse them to be cheating when they outdo the able bodied individuals. This comes to such individuals with a big blow and tends to lower their motivation and self-esteem. Such actions should be avoided at all costs to maintain good association with others in the society.

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