Is Divorce Inevitable?

There are around 40-50 percent of married couples in the USA who divorce. This process can cause a number of problems for both spouses and negatively affect their children. However, there are cases when the divorce is inevitable, and the family will be more affected if they stay together. According to Jack Wellman (n. p.), there are rational and even biblically acknowledged reasons for a couple to get the divorce. The fact of being abusive and violent to each other and to children is one of the possible reasons. The violence is illegal, and any kind of abuse, being it physical, emotional, mental, or sexual is not lawful. This is reasonable, especially if children are abused, a spouse has every right to break apart from a violent husband or wife to protect children and themselves. The other accepted reason is sexual immorality. Any kind of adultery, which is impenitent and continuous, is a very strong reason for allowing the couple to divorce. This affects children and shows them a negative example to follow. People, who are committing adultery, are breaking a fundamental Bible commandment. Their nearest and dearest do not have to suffer because of their spouse’s sins. However, if the person repents, it is wise to forgive and save the marriage for children to be brought up in a complete family. According to Cathy Meyer (n. p.), there are some other legal reasons for divorce. One considers unreasonable behavior among these reasons, especially if a person is alcoholic or drug-addicted and does not want to be cured. Another reason is the fact that one of the spouses had disguised some serious health problem before the marriage and revealed it only after the wedding. The last possible reason is the fact that people have not been actually living with each other for more than two years. However, there are a lot of other reasons that are used to justify divorce but they are not well-grounded. People are very often stating that they do not love each other anymore. Sometimes they believe that they have nothing in common and they are not compatible. In any situation, however, parents always need to think about their children. Divorce is extremely stressful and confusing for the young one. Therefore, the couple has to do everything possible to save the family and prevent the divorce. Couple should try to communicate more and discuss their problems; it is very useful to recall how to make compliments and why people fell in love with each other. The most important fact is to stay faithful and attentive to each other. Sometimes even the process of making oneself say about love may restore the feelings between those who have already lost them. It is very important to stay real friends for each other. The problem may lay in a simple fact that people do not have enough respect or do not listen properly to the beloved one (Debating Divorce n. p.). However, these small tips will work and help only if people have a reason to stay together. There are some cases when the divorce is inevitable; however, the couple always has to try to save the family. If the reasons are not serious, the other spouse and children may be negatively affected; this can cause serious physiological and even health problems. My position differs from those who might say that people should divorce when there is a hard moment in relationships and the couple cannot stand each other. I believe that people should be more patient, and try to understand and set priorities in life. Sometimes it is wise to wait. However, it does not include the situations with violence or sexual immorality. Divorce is not always the solution of the problem. People need to learn how to respect each other and how to solve the number of problems together because they are responsible for their children’s happiness and health. Sometimes the only thing the family lacks is forgiveness. However, there are cases when it is wiser to divorce, especially if the spouse is abusive or immoral, then one has to protect themselves and children from unsocial behavior. If the family stays together, the situation will be fraught with the consequences.

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