Jewish American

The Jewish Americans are one of the cohorts that make up the diverse American society. For years, the racial divide that received the most attention in the country was the African American race, however, nowadays, this is not the case. Recent events have led to the incorporation of the African Americans into the mainstream society. The Jewish and Mexican communities are now the main prototype in racial profiling.

The Jewish Americans make up a significant portion of the population in the country. Most of the citizens are of mixed races, with Jewish ancestry occupying a potion of most people’s bloodline. In the country that is trying to enforce unity of all citizens, it is imperative to focus enough energy on making the dominant racial groups at home in this great nation. The Israelis control quite an amount of the country’s economy. There is also a popular notion that they are adept at mathematics and become some of the best professionals.

As a result of their rich heritage in matters concerning the church and Jesus Christ, the Jews people are subjected to constant discrimination (Banks, 2009). Most anti-Semitic people view Jews’ beliefs as mandatory impositions that are placed on people without their consent. To some extent people take Semitism as dogma. However, everybody should know that people have the right to choose what to believe and follow their own course without discrimination or hostility. Anti-Semitism qualifies for religious discrimination. This should be discouraged by the government. A country cannot be united if there is an aspect of any form of discrimination.

The Jewish community should strive to maintain their rich cultural heritage. In the present age, there is a lot of western influence, especially on communities that strive to hold on to their past. If such communities are not careful, these cultural practices will be wiped away by modernity. They will hence lose their identity in the process. Thus, the Jews should organize themselves and preserve their posterity for future generations.

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