Lareau's sampling procedures

Lareau's study of social class and family interaction address a very important issue of whether there are Social Class Differences in Family-School Relationships. The study provided a detailed insight into finer details of daily lives of families with young children.

  1. 1.      Identify the research methods that Lareau relies on in her studies

            She used random sampling with the research assistants visiting g families every day for 21 days. Lareau also got samples of families in churches. Observation were made and recorded. She divided her sampling material into class based on the capability of families

  1. 2.      Describe Lareau's sampling procedures

            Laraeu divides the families into the whites and black races which she samples out their interaction modes and the presentable differences. She again samples out the rich and middle level and working class families, where she samples out the different modes of socialization in these families and their social effects altogether. She targets families in church and other social gatherings (Lereau, 1987).

  1. 3.       Are you convinced by Lareau's conclusion? Explain why or why not.

The conclusions drawn by the Lareau are convincing. The social issues touch the current families where dynamic changes have taken place and radical changes are expected to occur in the near future. The dynamic include improvement in the living condition s and the changes in the social this case the working class may not have time for the families since they so busy with commitments and find little time to look into the affairs of children .meanwhile poor families have time for their children because they are not too busy

The rich have time with their children advancement and improved living conditions and no deviated attention but family issues become central to the families.

On the other hand the black families are considered a threat to social development , this conclusion is not convincing since this is not about politics but asocial issue and morals are imparted to children through education and good relations with the family associates (Lareau, 2004).

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