Main Social Problems

Social problems affect a society and can be seen everywhere in the everyday life. Even in the isolated comfortable place people can face different conflicts. Neighbors, friends and family do not always get along seamlessly. Social problems in most cases are connected with communication of individuals and their conflicts. Different views, lifestyle, preferred kinds of leisure, religion, information from social media can cause serious troubles in communication. Such problems can provoke violent actions in small and global scale. This paper will try to explain how different things can cause discord. On the example of illustrated stuff that surrounds us, the paper will research how they might represent social problems.

On the first picture we see a dog that lives in the apartment with its owner. Still there are thousands of homeless pets on the streets. Animal issue is a social one because homeless pets can cause harm to a society. Homeless dogs start to behave aggressively and bite people on the streets. Without proper control, such a situation may become global. Infected dogs and cats can be a real threat to a society. Proper care and approach can limit unwanted cases of homeless animal attacks.

Homeless animals migrate and increase their population. That is why there is a need to reduce the amount of homeless dogs and cats in order to reduce the possibility of bites and infections from the animals. Animal shelters and population control play an important role, especially in the big city, where there is a chance for animals to find meal on the streets and place to live. While animals are in custody, they can be arranged properly or even adopted by individuals who look for a pet. Ill animals are usually treated or euthanized if there is no chance to treat them, or if it costs more than animal shelter can spend. That is why there is a need of strict animal control in order to ensure safety of the society.

On the next picture, there is a weapon that can play defensive role or can be the real violent tool. Guns are a real threat and a serious social problem. Mass shootings and terrorist actions serve as a confirmation of the statement. Gun violence became mass force that leads to increased crime actions in the society. This problem is regarded as a conflict on the large scale that brings dissention in the society. Weapons, especially guns, are created for attacks and defense and do not bring anything but crime growth. Mass and single shootings on the streets do not increase, but provoke a society to think that anyone can be under a threat of violation.

Gun violence nowadays became a real public health issue. Nevertheless, guns, in some cases, are allowed by the law to be carried for a defense. Such legislation gives a reason to think that weapons are an integral part of self-defense. On the other hand, strict gun control is not a perfect way to reduce crime. Illegal weapon market cannot be controlled, that is why there is a danger of new violent actions. Increased surveillance for gun distribution and keeping of weapons are the only way to decrease violent actions on the streets.

On the third picture we see the icon with Madonna. Religious issue has always been the one of the most complicated social phenomenon. Religion, when it is connected with a society on the mass scale, can achieve the highest social ministry. Conflicts on this topic take place during the whole history of humanity, since it was turned into a cult. Politics and economics could also be influenced by the religion. Extensive impact of religion on the society plays the role of the force to make some order in the society according religious norms and standards.

Religion itself carries positive ideas of unity and order. At the same time, force actions can cause a real rebel and social disorder. Spiritual experiences facing violent actions in order to subordinate society, lead to resistance and destruction of the original target of the church.

On the last photo, there is the one of the most common media channels – TV. Social media, in the concept of social problems, can be regarded as the most addictive thing. It could be dangerous due to threatening of relationships in a real world. People start to use media as a tool to communicate and to be informed about the last news in the society. Keeping the track of events, individuals become less socially active, that leads to different problems, such as isolation and TV and Internet addiction.

Social media became an irreplaceable phenomenon in the modern world. It surrounds us and has many positive sides. On the other hand, excessive media addiction can cause social disconnection. That is why there is a need to filter information and to be active not only in the technological but in the social way.

To sum up, we can say, that completely different things that surround us can cause social problems. Religious disputes, homeless animals, weapons and social media serve as examples of such reasons. Social problems could be solved only if a society will think about them separately and will make right decisions for every case individually.

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