Managing Successful Teams


Success of any organization largely depends on how effective & productive are the teams working for it.  So it’s very critical for any organization to first build such teams & then manage them. A successful team works on mutual trust & a mindset to achieve a common goal. This requires a team leader to follow a leadership style that is both task & people oriented.  

Successful Team

A successful team is committed to excellence. Hence, it becomes very important for the leader himself to be very competent in his work, be a good listener & communicator in order to gain respect & trust of his team. A team will be effective if the role of every team member is defined properly & they understand it clearly. There should be no room for ambiguity. Leader needs to clearly communicate objectives which are achievable to the team to orient them towards a common & shared goal. Once the focus is set, leader needs to ensure that the team is empowered in terms of resources & support to work in that direction.

A successful team is also the one that operates out of its strength. Hence, a team leader must understand the behavior, strengths & weaknesses of every team member along with the group processes. Developing a rapport with the team will give the leader access to closely understand the team dynamics & act accordingly.  For example active participation & knowledge of individual & team work ethic allows a leader to understand & examine the future work requirements. Anticipating challenges & being proactive in solving it would further ensure that the time & effort of the team is invested productively & ambiguities are minimized.


Leader also needs to follow best practices to keep the team motivated. An appropriate performance evaluation program, career planning, training & development, compensation, reward & appreciation system, timely feedback & support are the key tools to get the best out the employees & optimize team productivity.  What is also important to keep the team healthy is having fun. It is said that the team which plays together, stays together. So leader must also develop some ways to fill teamwork with fun & excitement.

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