Marijuana is Less Harmful than Alcohol


Most people reflect on marijuana as a worse drug compared t alcohol. However, the influences of alcohol are far worse than those of marijuana. Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana in various ways, which include cost effectiveness and the level to which the drug relieves personal stress. Marijuana is less likely to become addictive to the majority of its users compared to al, which causes addiction to the majority of its users. Consequently, marijuana is considered to be cost effective since it requires little capital resources to purchase and maintain addiction. The purchase of marijuana is lower compared to that of purchasing alcohol, which has to be taken frequently as its effect fades easily (Earleywine, 2007). However, for alcohol, the cost of containing addiction is quite high since at times the addicts engage in binge drinking or excessive consumption of alcohol. The health costs associated with alcohol users range between $165 per year with those of marijuana users ranging between $20 annually (Earleywine, 2007). This further indicates that alcohol generates more health problems compared to marijuana whose intake is more restricted, and usually not addictive to most of its users. This further demonstrates that the health costs related to alcohol are far much higher than those of marijuana users.

Alcohol is not effective in relieving stress since it interacts differently with the existing condition of the drinkers for instance their moods and personality. According to studies, small alcohol intakes never reduce tension or personal pressures, which lead to stress. Instead, alcohol intake leads to build up of stress since it relieves stress just for the moment. In some cases, alcohol intake impairs the body’s response to stress leading to stressful moments for its users. Alcohol intake is considered a cause of depression although it may also be considered a consequence of depression (Finkbeiner, 2010). Alcohol may not relieve stress but rather causes stressful moments as it induces euphoria, which is converted into depressive feelings. However, marijuana produces extremely dissimilar influences on stress since the users become excited and does not induce euphoric feelings that lead to depression or additional stress to the users (Finkbeiner, 2010).

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