Essay Of Iris Murdoch 's Morality And Religion

First thing I would like to talk about after reading “Morality and religion” is virtuous behavior. What does it mean? As for me, these are those actions that are wholesome, which produce well being for the person performing them and to those who are affected. It is a form of practicing one’s religious beliefs. “God’s work must truly be our own” John Kennedy once said. I consider it to be the best definition of virtuous behavior.

In modern society, where everyone is hurrying somewhere solving everyday problems, it’s hard to apply my virtues. I’m trying to help other people as often as possible and it brings a feeling of peace to my inner world. I consider that one of the main aims of religion is to settle down this feeling in human heart. When someone helps other without any reward, he plants a seed of kindness into own soul. That’s why it’s so important to apply one’s virtues in everyday life, no matter what.

I wonder if there is an extent that has to be reached for someone to overstep own religious beliefs. That extent for instance could be mortal danger. It seems to me that religious beliefs affect on human’s behavior and dictate his or her virtuousness as far as one has imbued by any faith.

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Next topic I want to discuss after reading “Morality and religion” is the relation between faith and virtuousness. Is faith an accurate indicator of virtue? On the one hand, being pious means to share kindness and to apply one’s virtues in everyday life. But I want to argue with this statement using the quote of Blaise Pascal “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction”. Well I consider that one’s actions certainly depend on religious beliefs, but we can’t be sure that those would be virtuousness. In “Morality and religion” Iris Murdoch uses an example of a “criminal who constantly breaks the law and yet has a deep religious conviction” (715). It means that it’s possible to be pious but use faith in the wrong way.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there certainly is a connection between one’s religious beliefs and his or her doings, but being pious does not mean applying own virtues in everyday life, moreover, person might have a strong faith in God but use it for the wrong aims.

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