As a white person, I regard racism as an attitude that we develop as we grow up from child up until adulthood. However, I believe that racism can be solved through anti racism groups, government, and institutions, mainstream and basic causes. Racism divides the world into inferior and superior, the whites and the black. However the racism is declining fairly in a consistent manner in most of the metropolitan cities and areas. In the metropolitan area that I live, the racism of color and ethnic background has declined to minimal levels though the residential areas are segregated by the neighborhoods.

According to my own views, racism leads to high disparities in mortality and health. These lead to the inferior to deteriorate in terms of their health. People like us who are whites fear that by the racism being minimized, the equality that will follow will make us to be viewed as inferiors to the other races. We think that the land in the United States was ours and that the other races should remain in their own nations other than intruding in our own land. Our white world is privileged and should always remain like that in terms of our jobs, homes and also security.

Racism should be wiped out completely from among us the whites and we should strive to embrace diversity so that they could work together in order to better improve our economy. Though we fear that the other people from other races will take up all senior positions, positions in the industrial sectors, positions in the service sector, positions in the agricultural sectors and even in their homes because we have employed them in almost all the sectors.

We have always been oppressive to the other races and we have always been the privileged whites and our concerns are that the privileges will end when equality is achieved which has not been the case.  

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